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Faze Miyake Interview With Urbanworld & SkVibeMaker

Urbanworld and RinseFm dj SkVibeMaker recently caught up with highly rated producer Faze Miyake where they touched on many subjects including mcs turning their backs on grime, Lord Of The Mics 3, his forecast for 2012 and much much more, listen below.



MOG Meets Clipson (Interview)

The early part of 2012 has seen a lot of mcs suddenly thrown into the limelight thanks to the recent Lord Of The Mics dvd hitting the shelves and generally being the talk of the scene, the likes of Sox, Jammin, Hypes and Tez Kidd have all found themselves thrust into the publics eye but today we catch up with an mc who has been there done that and worn the proverbial T-Shirt when it comes to grime, an mc who in my humble opinion is one of the scenes most under-ratred and an mc who plans to make 2012 and the forthcoming years his very own….Im obviously talking about Clipson who you may have known as Clipper from Fire Camp back in the day but is now carving a huge name for himself amongst the scene as Clipson, part of the ABTM crew and part of grimes bright future.

We know Clipson has some big releases dropping so we sat down with him and got information on those and spoke on many more subjects and you can read below!!!


MOG: You’re about to drop the ‘MindOfAGrimeStar’ mixtape, can you give us and more information on this?

Clipson: Mind Of A Grimestar is the first release since my feature on ‘Lord of the Mics3’ scheduled to land on March 5th.

The cd is energy packed grime with various different styles as well as a very much matured sound and lyrical delivery since my last grime mixtape.

I have productions from the likes of G Tank, Wiley and Biggaman to name a few so expect to hear a great release.

MOG: What are your hoping to achieve with the release?

Clipson: Well I was in a situation in which I needed to create a buzz and gain more awareness and supporters of my music so putting this ‘free’ cd together was the perfect way for me to achieve this.

With it being free nobody has an excuse not to download it and give it a listen plus its the type of mixtape the grime scene has been missing.

MOG: In what way is MindOfAGrimeStar a step-up form your previous releases?

Clipson: As I now have a management team working really hard the promotional side of this has been maximised a great deal more than my previous releases.

A lot more planning and thought has gone into what we wanted put out and also virally we have executed methods that I was unable to previously.

MOG: After your recent clash with Jammin on Lotm3 your name is carrying a huge buzz, what mindstate are you in now as opposed to before Lord Of The Mics?

Clipson: Lord Of the Mics was always part of my plans prior to actually doing it so I was very prepared and confident about the reaction I would get once it was released.

It was a great platform for me to start building a buzz and i’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given.

The positive support and love that has been sent to me is a blessing
and it has made me 100 times more hungry to go and achieve more.

MOG: Were you surprised by the reaction you got from the clash?

Clipson: I wasn’t too surprised to be honest because I was more than ready for anyone who stepped up to the plate but my opponent wasn’t a walk over so I knew there would be mixed opinions about the overall winner.

MOG: Was it always a plan to drop a mixtape on the back off Lord Of The Mics 3?

Clipson: Yes that was definitely the plan, we knew the hype the dvd would cause would be an excellent platform to release a mixtape and grasp all the viewers into my music.

MOG: Talking of viewers, Did you find it hard to make a name for yourself as Clipson and not ‘Clipper the ex Fire Camp member’.

Clipson: It was a little bit hard because ‘Clipper’ was a well established fire camp member for 4yrs and once i’ve left and changed the name people were a little confused.

My situation of leaving fire camp wasn’t publicised at all really so people didn’t actually know what the name switch was all about.

I left them in 2008 and its taken till 2011 for people to really become accustom to the name Clipson.

MOG: Since leaving Fure Camp you’ve became part of the ABTM crew, What are the plans for ABTM?

Clipson: We currently have a batch of street mixtapes readying for release in which all the artists and producers get their chance to showcase their talents.

Mainly Hip Hop but my grime influences are strongly involved
too so expect some seriously big music following up from my solo release.

MOG: What else do you have planned for 2012?

Clipson: For me 2012 is really about expanding and branching my music out to create a steady fanbase so i’ll be recording with a lot of artists and making the most of the opportunities i’m working really hard for.

I do have plans for the next Clipson project after ‘Mind Of A Grimestar’ which i’ve already started working on so there’s lots to come from me.

MOG: You’ve been in the grime scene a while now, how has the scene changed from your perspective?

Clipson: Firsty the internet has practically taken over the main source of where you market and sell your music.

There is a load of new faces in the game creating healthy competition which has generally raised the level to a more professional and marketable stage.

The music has been evolving a great deal recently so there’s been a wide scale change in the sounds a what people class as grime now.
Back in the day not a lot of artists had management or a street team pushing them out there but now this is a neccessity if you want to get heard and established.

MOG: Grime had a good year in 2011 but what can we do to really push the scene even further?

Clipson: Genuine Unity and support for your fellow artists.

Talking of unity, if you could work with anyone in the scene, be it an mc or producer who would it be?

Clipson: There’s too many names to mention, the scene is very healthy and really I just want to work with the artists that are good spirited, have similiar ambitions as myself and most importantly can make great music.

On the flipside any producers looking to work with me are welcome to contact me.

MOG: Finally any shout outs and info you wanna give?

Clipson: Firstly i’d like to big up Terrance from MindOfGrime, NBTMedia, Digital Dan & LordOfTheMics! My ABTM family including my managers AJ and Dwaine, last but not least all of the Clipson followers that have been patient and overwhelmingly
supportive thus far. Thank you

There you have it, im sure like me you managed to get a feel of what Clipson is about and how he views things and I for one am hoping Clipsons hits those heights his talent deserves, Big up Clipson each n every time for taking the time out and remember people MINDOFAGRIMESTAR out March 5th!!




Styler & Sicx (GFam) Freestyle & Interview On Logan Sama’ KissFm

Here’s the audio of GFams Styler & Sicx from GFam on monday nights Logan Sama KissFm show where they discuss Stylers free download EP release ‘Better Than Your Average’ and drop a massive freestyle over Darq E Freakers ‘Mystic’ beat.

Remember you can download Stylers ‘Better Than Your Average EP’ from:


MOG Meets Preditah!!!!

Were back with our weekly segments of interviews where we aim to catch up with mcs/producers and djs making the biggest waves amongst our much loved grime scene and were kicking our return of with a bang as we interview Birminghams producer of the moment Preditah where we discuss his music, the Circles EP and forthcoming work alongside Faze Miyake plus much much more.

MOG: First of all, you have your EP out on February 5th, ‘Circles EP’ on the Earth 616 label, tell us a bit about that.

Preditah: This EP is my most anticipated so far. It’s my third instrumental EP release. Me and Logan have picked all four instrumentals to basically show how diverse my Grime styles/sounds are once again.

MOG: How do you feel this new EP compares to the last two EP’s you released (Solitaire EP, Eightsome EP)?

Preditah: I feel great about this one as I did with the other two. DJs, MC’s, everyone has literally been on my case for this EP since last year summer. It’s a great feeling to know that so many people are excited and eagerly awaiting my productions.

MOG: What’s your favourite track off this new EP?

Preditah: My favourite track has to be the obvious instrumental ‘Circles’

MOG: 2011 was a massive year for you and saw you really break through in the Grime scene, what was the highlight of your year?

Preditah: My highlight of last year was simply being involved in a scene I grew up on and as a fan of like every other person.

MOG: You first made a name for yourself in Brum (Birmingham) when you used to produce a lot of Bassline a few years back, what made you focus on Grime and is Bassline something you’re looking to return to at any point?

Preditah: I have always mainly focused on Grime. I produced a few Bassline tracks that were heavily supported by all the main people in that scene at the time and I was DJing at least twice a week. I will probably release Bassline EP some point this year to show people I still love that genre of music.

MOG: Did you find it hard to make it in the scene in London Traditionally it’s been harder for people outside of London to get recognition down there.

Prediath: I haven’t ever focused on getting noticed in London. It was never a goal of mine because real musicians like myself simply make music for the enjoyment, not for the recognition. Again, it does feel good to be involved and respected by London folk even though I am from Birmingham.

MOG: Solitaire EP was a big success for you, were you surprised how well it did and that it made it into the top 5 of the Itunes album charts?

Preditah: I was shocked at the position it got to and was over the moon. I knew it was a highly demanded EP so I knew it would do well deep down.

MOG: How do you feel about the progress of instrumental Grime?

Preditah: I don’t think it has progressed as much as it should have. Unfortunately, instrumental Grime is going down a Hip-Hop route rather than the Electronic/Garage route it was known for.

MOG: Your style of Grime captures the old ‘skippy’ style that has been missing for a lot of people recently, do you intend to stick with this or can you see yourself experimenting with other genres such as Dubstep and Hip-Hop?

Preditah: I class myself as an Electronic musician so you hear a lot of other genres produced by me in the near future but I will mainly be pushing the Grime/Garage sound I love.

MOG: You said you believe in ‘pure’ Grime and the Grime sound, do you plan on releasing any singles and trying to really push the Grime sound into the mainstream?

Preditah: Yes I believe I can push my music into the mainstream if people continue to support me as they have done thus far.

MOG: The Birmingham Grime scene is looking very healthy at the moment, who are you rating in Grime from Birmingham right now?

Preditah: I am rating C4 (my younger brother), Lady Leshurr, StayFresh and Sox right now because they are around me and are the main players right now.

MOG: Are there any plans to release Red Bull and Take Off vs Gargoyle digitally any time soon?

Preditah: Red Bull will be my next EP release which I plan to release immediately. Take Off vs Gargoyle will be on a joint EP I am working on with right now with Faze Miyake. Again, we will be releasing this EP A.S.A.P!

MOG: What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of releases?

Preditah: I will be releasing a lot more music, doing a lot of production/remixes for various artists in the UK plus I will be flooding everyone’s ears with my sound, ha ha.

MOG: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Preditah: I want to thank my fans for their support so far. My fans are amazing and I hope they continue to support my music career because they make it worthwhile.

Interview conducted by @MrJefferiesGf.

Big up Preditah each and every time for taking the time out for the interview and remember the Circles EP is out to buy now on vinyl and digtally from midnight!

Marger – Interview & Freestyle + Free Track [Logan Samas KissFm Show]

Having dropped the Cheeky EP on the 29th Jan Marger has been on the promo trail and his first port of call was Dj Logan Samas KissFm show where Marger passed through for an interview where he discussed the release, future plans and much more and even taking the time to drop a huge freestyle over a Preditah beat.

If the freestyle wasnt enough to have us all drawing for the rewind button then the free track he also dropped ‘Outside Ting’ certainly is…watch the interview and download the track below and play back Logans KissFm show from last night to catch the freestyle.

Download Free Marger track Outside Ting:

Dj Whitecoat Interviews Dj Spooky Bizzle

Deja Vu Fm Dj, Dj Whitecoat recently caught up with Dj Spooky fresh from winning two awards at the Grimeforum grime awards for best instrumental and best instrumental release for the massive anthem ‘Spartan’  where they spoke on many subjects including Spookys rise to fame, his releases to date, working on DeJa Vu and what is it really like to work alongside D Power!

Listen Below.



MogTv & Aimhigh Presents – Styler (GFam) Freestyle/Interview + Styler & Wayvez B2B Freestyle

We found ourselves down North London on Sunday where MindOfGrime in conjunction with AimHighEnt caught freestyles and interviews with GFam member Styler and three promising youngsters on the up in Wayvez, Dubz D and Menz.

Below is footage of Styler and Wayvez going back to back over a Wayvez production and secondly Styler destroying a Rotten beat as he drops bars in his usual hard hitting style and if that wasnt enough he also takes the time to answer a few questions put to him.

Watch both below.

MarstaMenzz and Dubz D videos up soon!!