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A2 – Destroy and Rebuild

After dropping the free download release ‘A Producers Guide To Grime 3’ only a little over a week ago A2 is back yet again with another free download this time titled ‘Destroy and Rebuild’ which is a mixtape some fourteen tracks deep.

The producer/mc from South East London is certainly one to look out for and Destroy and Rebuild further emphasizes this, fourteen bangers including Remember Me, Typical Graft and Armed and Dangerous.

Download This Free Today.


An Introduction To Biggzi 24 + His Mixtape ‘A New Star Has Arrived’ For Free Download

26yr old Leon Biggs known as Biggzi 24 is an up n coming rapper from the Croydon area of London who today dropped me his brand new mixtape ‘A New Star Has Arrived’ and after listening my first thoughts are a new star has certainly arrived as I found Biggzi to be fresh, modern and supremely talented.

Everyday life inspires Biggzi and that comes across through the ‘A New Star’ release as he touches on many subjects over the course of the mixtape and he just grabs the listeners attention throughout, it’s hard to not listen and take in what Biggzi is saying.

I like the variety of tracks on the release, The track ‘Birthday Sex’ alongside Benny Bizzie is one of the softer tracks on the release where Biggzi talks of a night with a female whereas tracks like Deep Rhymes & Day & Night see Biggzi showcase himself lyrically with clever punchlines and a pin-point flow.

Biggzi is definately a name to look out for, he confidently raps over a variety of beats and he does it well and throughout the release it’s hard to not give him the attention he warrants.

I like to forward to hearing much more from Biggzi in the future, he has all the attributes needed to succeed and I see no reason why he shouldnt!

Download Biggzi – A New Star Has Arrived From The Link Below

Follow Biggzi 24 on twitter @biggzi24

Dazzle – Unity (The Collaborations Mixtape) [Release Of The Month For August]

Were starting a new project here at MindOfGrime titled ‘Release Of The Month’ which as im sure you’ve already guessed is where we bring to you what we feel was the best release of the past month and for the first installment were starting in fine fashion with a release that may surprise you in the shape of Dazzle’s Unity (the collaborations mixtape).

August was a month that saw releases from the biggest names in the scene ranging from Frisco to Marger and Lil Nasty but we have decided to stray away from the norm and bring you a mixtape from an artist not as well known as the above mentioned mcs yet at the same time has talent in abundance.

Unity (The collaborations mixtape) is a mixtape some seventeen tracks deep and features the cream of the crop in uk talent covering a wide range of subjects and bringing some deep heat when it comes to bars, Big Narstie, Styler, Dimples, Random Impulse, Romo, DDark, Terrorsum and more feature on a mixtape that is packed full of massive tracks that touch on every deal issues that affect us all.

Whether it be grime, hip hop or something a little different ‘Unity’ covers a number of Genres and the mixtape is one that commands the listeners ear, it’s full of monster tracks from start to finish with the tracks ‘Shotta’ ‘Winter Snow’ and ‘Rumours’ being particular stand-outs but the good thing about this release unlike a lot of recent releases is the fact that every track is worthy of a place on a mixtape such as Unity.

The features add a nice touch to proceedings and Dazzle seems to really excel in their company as he seems to be more confident on the mic and it is testament to his continual progress to say he isnt over-shaadowed by the bigger names that feature.

All in all Unity is a great piece of work, it has a nice diversity to it with none of the tracks being samey, the array of features and productions do their job perfectly and Dazzle shines in their company..this is simply a must download so you know what to do, follow the link and make sure this is your collection!!!

1. Intro
2. Why Can’t You? (Ft. Skitzo)
3. Go Hard (Ft. Tashan Moss)
4. When The Music Stops (Ft. Romo)
5. Rumours (Ft. Styler, Dimples & Random Impulse)
6. Skill (Ft. Terrorsum & Harry Shotta)
7. Tired (Break) (Ft. Acen)
8. Winter Snow (Ft. Prez & Big Narstie)
9. Who You Are (Ft. Ruth & Kwamz)
10. Legacies (Ft. DThrills)
11. Mama (Ft. Eazy)
12. Hometown (Ft. Stubborn & Chiu)
13. Shotta (Ft. Harry Shotta & RoRo)
14. Imagine If (Ft. DDark)
15. Found Myself (Ft. RoRo)
16. Can’t Be Stopped (Ft. Illamadi, Tazzle, & Big Narstie)
17. The Freestyle (Ft. Various Artist)

Download from the link below

Stutta – Girls and Music Vol 2 [Free Download]

Apart from his version of the ZDot produced beat ‘Gangster’ alongside Roachee things have been a little quiet from Stutta in recent months but dont think the silence has been due to the fact that Stutta has eased up on the work rate because you’d be wrong, quite the opposite infact, the fact that we havent heard anything new from the one time DPower member is due to the fact that he’s been beavering away in his studio lacing vocals to productions from the likes of Flava D, Teddy, Dirty Danger & Rapid which all culminate in his brand new release ‘Girls And Music Vol 2’.

The mixtape is some ten tracks deep including a massive bonus track that features heavyweights such as Mercston, Ghetts and Tinchy Stryder and in case those three names werent enough Stutta has also drafted in female vocallist A.L as well as Wiley, Wrigley, Lioness, Fudaguy, Roachee and Lady Leshurr who all go in on tracks such as DPMO, Under The Weather, Kiss Me and the massive Driving Like A Criminal.

This is one all grime fans should grab so follow the link below and get download today absolutely free!!


1.Girls And Music [Prod By Swiftjay]

2.Yahoo 4 19 ft A.L [Prod By Dirty Danger & Rapid]

3.No Secret ft Fudaguy Lioness and Mercston [Prod By Flava D]

4.Under The Weather ft A.L, Mercston & Ghetts [Prod By Flava D]

5.Enough ft Seyi & Mercston [Prod By Marc Patrick]

6.Driving Like A Criminal ft Wiley, Ghetts, Wrigley & Rapid [Prod By Flava D]

7.Victory ft Ghetts, Lioness, Lady Leshurr, Roachee & Rapid [Prod By Flava D]

8.Fuck Me ft A.L [Prod By Flava D]

9.Kiss Me

10.Stutta & Roachee – Gangster Freestyle

Bonus Track

11.DPMO ft Mercston, Ghetts & Tinchy Stryder [Prod By Teddy]


Shivz Dotz – Authentic [Free Mixtape Download]

The music of Hackneys Shivz Dotz is something ive personally been championing since day one of the blog, not only is he a fellow Hackney resident but he’s hard working (Authentic being his 10th release) and above all else he is supremely talented and this eleven track mixtape fully proves that to the fullest.

Massive tracks such as Outter My Head, Look At Me Now and Free Mason all feature and each track shows off Shivz canny knack of combining clever rhyming schemes with some deep barrage.

Donload Authentic Free From The Link Below!download|963l36|2625717904||60600|R~22A2AA769ED0667EFD5AC5A4C7967487

Shystie – Blue Magic [Free Mixtape Download]

After dropping the mixtape ‘You’re Welcome’ just a few months back lead female mc Shystie (Murderation, Make It Easy) is back which yet another free mixtape this time in the shape of ‘Blue Magic’ and it’s every bit as good if not better than You’re Welcome.

Containing some 10 massive tracks that feature the likes of JME, Double S, Frisco, Rival & More this is a mixtape sure to please both fans of grime and Shystie alike.

Look out for the Limb By Limb remix and Murderer, both are stand out tracks on what is a very sick mixtape, follow the link below for download.

Download From The Link Below

Cesar – Harry Potter [Free Mixtape Download]

Dont be fooled by this title because this free download mixtape by up n coming young artist ‘Cesar’ has nothing to do with a certain bespectacled teenage wizard, not in the slightest but what we do get is something kind of magical (nice pun huh).

If im going to be honest I did’nt know a great deal about Cesar until he tweeted me the download link for his mixtape but me being me i’m always on the lookout for new talent so I decided to give it a listen with an open mind and what I heard pleasantly surprised me.

Cesar comes across very confident, very assured and very good on this mixtape, there are a nice blend of tracks and he’s managed to get a good few features on the mixtape from already established names such as former More Fire and Fire Camp members Neeko and Clipson as well as Ozzie B and Hypes but it’s Cesar himself who impresses, the only downside to the mixtape is there is perhaps one too many tracks with features with only 7 out of the 18 being Cesar on his own, and on all 7 he proves he is more than good enough to hold it up.

Like with every release there are tracks that stand out and it’s tracks 6 ‘Dont Touch Me’ alongside Big Foot and Neeko and track 9 ‘Right Now’ again alongside Neeko only this time also featuring Clipson, those 2 may stand out but every track on here is worthy of a place on the mixtape, and the release is the perfect way for Cesar to introduce himself.

I was very impressed with this mixtape, like I said there’s a nice blend of tracks, some heavy features and at 18 tracks is more than enough to keep you entertained.

So download Cesar – Harry Potter free below and get to know another bright artist making his way through the ranks.