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2 New Connect 4 and Wrigz Tracks

One of Manchesters finest emcees and member of the A-List Wrigz aka Wrigley drops 2 new free tracks for free download.

Not really a fan of the first track which he’s joined on by his Connect 4 cahorts, track is titled ‘Can You Handle This‘ and to be honest no I cant, the second track however is a banger, titled ‘Sick Of It All‘ which is produced by Ali Karim and sees Wrigz destroy the beat with the minimum of fuss.

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Wiley – Rebel MC

The grime scene legend that is Wiley returns with yet another free giveaway, following on from his massive zip files free give-away, the tracks Return Of Wiley and Indecisive the godfather of grime now releases this track titled ‘Rebel Mc‘ much better than his most recent giveaway Indecisive this is full of the bars and flow we’ve become accustomed to over the years.

Download From The Link Below

Grizzly – AWOL Vol 2 [Never Gonna Rest]

One of the urban scenes most under-rated artists in Grizzly has decided to give away his very sick release AWOL Vol 2 (never gonna rest) for free download, I copped this when it was first released and it was worth every penny so you cant go wrong with a free download.

Packed with 23 big tracks and 2 bonuses including Stressed Out Lately, Im A Boss and the massive Champion, mixtape also features artists such as Kianna, Shivz Dotz, Big Narstie and Tracer.

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Crazy Titch – Pussy

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Crazy Titch is my favourite emcee of all time so I was more than happy when I heard he was dropping a brand new mixtape, and imagine my delight when I came across this a massive new leaked tune taken from his forthcoming mixtape ‘Crazy Times Vol 2‘  which is dropping in august, Track is titled ‘Pussy‘ and it seems as if time away has taken away any of Crazys hard lyrics and energy that is only matched by an equally as sick flow.

Rhymestein – Throw-Away Tracks

Massive thanks to Flash-G for forwarding this onto me, as the title says it’s basically tracks that Rhymestein has decided to give away for free to the fans, simply because he can, tracks are from 2006 onwards and if you dont know about Rhymestein get to know by downloading this huge give-away from one of the biggest artists in the urban scene.


01 Rhymestein – Food 4 Thought (Prod by: Dr JK JeKyll) [2007]
02 Rhymestein – Itz Over (Prod by: Eroko Jnr) [2007]
03 Rhymestein – Hazard (Prod by: Spooks) [2007]
04 Rhymestein – Back In Top Form (Prod by: Snatchy) [2008]
05 Black The Ripper ft Rhymestein – Loving This Shit (Prod by: Bond Tha Hitman) [2009]
06 Dyer MC & Rhymestein – For The People (Prod by: DJ Indy) [2006]
07 Rhymestein – Cheese On Toast Freestyle(Prod by: Genesis) [2007]
08 Rhymestein – Be My Lady [Radio Rip] (Prod by: Rhymestein) [2006]
09 Rhymestein – Heavens Gate (Prod by: Skeamz) [2007]
10 Rhymestein – Mmmm Mmmm Mmm Mmm (Prod by: Rhymestein) [2007]
11 Black The Ripper ft Rhymestein – Cant Give In (Prod by: Weapon-X) [2006]
12 Iron B aka Iron Barz – Gimme A Holla (Prod by: Rhymestein) [2006]
13 Rhymestein – Xperiment Riddim (Prod by: Weapon-X) [2005]
14 Rhymestein – I Need 2 Know (Prod by: Ironik) [2006]
15 Rhymestein ft Tali aka D-BO – Heavens Gate 2 (Prod by: Skeamz) [2007]
16 Rhymestein – March With Us (Prod by: VenomuZ) [2007]
17 Rhymestein – Wifey Riddim (Prod by: Flukes) [2006]
18 Rhymestein – Hard2Stop Freestyle (Prod by: Ironik) [2006]
19 Rhymestein & Tali aka D-BO – Just Us (Freestyle) [2008]
20 Rhymestein – In My Sleep (Prod by: DJ Scandalous & Strapz) [2006]
21 Rhymestein – Promise U (Prod by: Skandal) [2005]
22 Rhymestein – Like A Star (Freestyle) [2008]
23 Rhymestein – Tighten Your Bar Game (Prod by: VenomuZ) [2007]
24 Rhymestein – Touchdown Riddim (Prod by: KNG Soundz) [2006]
25 Rhymestein – Conquest Riddim (Prod by: VenomuZ & Delerious) [2006]
26 Rhymestein – Skyscraper Freestyle (Prod by: Sketch & Chico) [2007]
27 Rhymestein – It Feelz Right (SGT Ragz Productions) [2007]
28 Rhymestein – Ruff Sqwad Freestyle [2007]
29 Rhymestein – Whisper No (Prod by: Rhymestein) [2009]
30 Rhymestein – Gimme A Holla(instrumental)

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Dimples – Peak Freestyle

Brand new freestyle from North London based emcee Dimples from the G-Fam collective, Freestyle is titled ‘Peak Freestyle‘ and is taken from Dimples‘ forthcoming release out on August 21st.

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Cyko Logic – From The Beginning

Massive free giveaway here from talented emcee Cyko Logic which features some collaborations with some huge names in grime including Tinchy Stryder, Dot Rotten and Lioness aswell as many more and some big productions from beatmakers such as Scrufizzer, DotRotten & Skeamz.


1. On My Own (Produced by Kulture kid)
2. Down Wid It (Produced by 6Figz)
3. Don’t Come To The Hood – Feat. Dot Rotten (Produced by M3)
4. Cool And Calm (Produced by 6Figz)
5. Im a Cyko (Produced by Scrufizzer)
6. Down Wid It Remix – feat. Strata G, Wolf, IceKid, Slix (RSMD) & Twelve
7. Levels So High – feat Smartkid
8. 1234 (Produced by 5ft)
9. Dat Type Of Boy (Produced by Pete Parker)
10. Angel (Produced by soun’wave)
11. Different (produced by Kaze Productions)
12. Just Move – feat Krystal (Produced by Kaze Productions)
13. OVER (Refix)
14. Where’s My Money (Produced by Garna)
15. We Don’t Care – Feat. Tinchy Stryder (Produced by BGZ)
16. Dat Type Of Boy Remix – Feat. Icekid & 6Figz
17. Basically – Feat. Strata G (Produced by Skeamz)
18. Ravers
19. Cyko’s Activity (Produced by Danny Weed)
20. Hard (Refix) – Feat. Rhianna
21. Man of mine – Feat. Philipa (Produced by Beeswax)
22. The One – Feat. Lioness (Produced by Paradox)
23. They Don’t Know About Me – Feat. Dot Rotten (Produced by Rotten Riddims)
24. Roll Wid Me (Produced by Envy)
25. What Has He Got – Feat. Pete Parker (Produced by Pete Parker)

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