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Get To Know: B Major

B Major is a supremely talented young grime producer who has recently signed to the Money Notes label and has a canny knack of using kicks, snares and hi-claps to make many a banger, you may have heard of B Major due to featuring on Masros recent EP releases ‘Mind My Creps’ and ‘Outta Da Blue’ and you are going to hear a lot more from him in 2012 where he will again feature on a Masro release ‘The Unexpected EP’ and the forseeable future….to get a small inkling of what B Major has to offer we have put together this post containing some of his beats to date and some he has made available for free download.



MOG Introduces MC Tigz

The career of Mc Tigz in the grime scene started in late 2007/early 2008 when he was more known as Duppy Face Tigz or Tigz Man, influenced heavily by the heady days of radio where he would listen to Heat Fm, On Top Fm and Raw Uk and Mcs such as Kano, Wiley and Ghetto, things didnt really kick off until Tigz was using the name Y.Skitz and moved to Lewisham where he started collaborating with Mc/producer Cupes, using the outlet of Myspace and performances at various youth clubs Tigz soon found his stock steadily rising culminating in a chance meeting with Dj DLK at Street Vibes who invited him to various different sets ‘Urban FM, Danny C and React Fm’ earning him even more limelight and rave reviews.

At this point Mc Tigz dropped the Y.Skitz monicker and adopted the name we now know him by ‘Mc Tigz’ as he felt it sounded more professional and less ‘road’ associated, Mc Tigz has continued to make grime aswell as moving onto Rap & Hip Hop and in 2010 he made 2 appearances on SBTV aswell as releasing the Hard Way Mixtape and various street videos such as Streets Of Rage, Run The Streets and They Hate Me.

In 2011 im fully expecting to hear a lot more from Mc Tigz and im sure his name will be on many peoples lips.

Below is the latest track from Mc Tigz on which he goes in over the beat made famous by Ghetts on the track ‘Who’s On The Panel’

Download From The Link Below

MindOfGrime Introduces Bamboss

Hailing from Hackney, East London Bamboss is a young Mc/producer with a bright future, having been in the game since 2006 Bamboss has already found his ability on the mic to be in hot demand, leading to live performances at LoveBox, Big Chill and the Hackney Carnival to name just a few, Bamboss is as comfortable making beats as he is on the mic and recently (the end of 2010) he released the The Revolution EP which was 5 tracks and 3 instrumentals deep and fully showcased his natural musical ability, he has also dropped 2 videos to tracks that featured on the EP, ‘Introduction’ and ‘Wagwan’ and you can fully expect to hear a lot more from him in terms of releases, videos and performances in 2011 and beyond.

Download The Revolution EP From The Link Below

Bamboss – Introduction

Bamboss – Wagwan

New Arrivals Promo [Free Download]

Here we have 23 brand new instrumentals by a group of 8 producers ranging from 15-18 years old! The next generation of grime producers consist of Jdot, Darkness, Chillz, Jemzi, Trixx, Vista, Ethan & Infamous. These are some of the producers to watch out for in 2011. Download the free promo from the link below.

Listen Here:

Download Here:


Jdot –

Darkness –

Chillz –

Jemzi –

Trixx –

Vista –

Ethan –

Infamous –

Check out for the latest grime promos, EPs, mixtapes and albums

Introducing Greeno Media

Im always being approached by young up n coming MCs and without devaluing them the lesser established MCs asking me if I know any designers, I always point them in the direction of Alex Frances or my personal friend Mute, well Mute is no longer on designing and im sure Alex Frances is snowed under with  the amount of work he has so who else is there? Well allow me to point you in the direction of Ollie Green, more commonly know as Greeno Media to me and you, Greeno has been doing his thing since 2008 and is considered one of the brightest young designers in the business, already boasting a CV that includes designs for Big H (Street Crime UK) Ghettz (Calm Before The Storm) and Maxsta (The Maxtape) Greenos work has already caught the eye of management companies 360 Records and Defenders Entertainment.

To label Greeno Media as a designer who just designs album or mixtape covers would be an injustice, this multi-talented youngster has honed his talents to to a tee and is also be able to create designs for Twitter, Myspace, Personal artist websites, Logos, T-shirt designs and also print work, when you combine the talents with the friendly, approachable manner of the young designer you have a winning combination.

Greeno has natural ability, ambition, motivation and a genuine love for designing and this has been proven by his recent acquisition of contracted work for Defenders Ents, further proving this youngster has a bright future ahead of him, that should come as no surprise when you take into account the ability he has and what he’s already achieved in just a short amount of time.

The name Ollie Green and Greeno Media is going to only get bigger so my answer to the question I keep getting asked has changed, now when im asked who can do designs, I simply point them in the direction of Greeno Media.

The Album/Mixtape Artworks Above Are All Examples Of The Work Greeno Media does.

Vistit Greenos Site To See More Designs  From The Link Below