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Nico Lindsay – SBTV Warm Up Session

Nico Lindsay is the latest name to show off his mc’ing and rapping ability on SBTVs Warm Up Sessions, fully going in from the start Nico shows us his prowess with the bars to the fullest, dropping heavy bar after heavy bar he fully goes in and proves exactly why so many rate him highly, watch and listen below to see the levels for yourself.


MOG Reviews Merky Ace – Blue Battlefield

The tail end of 2010 was an important time for Grime. In that period, more
so than any other, it seemed as though hitmakers of the future were
making their names known. Things may not have gone to plan when this
alleged ‘New Wave’ was fractured and tensions between particular MCs
flared-up, but advancements have been made regardless. Amongst those
screaming out for attention (in spite of years of graft) is Merky ACE.
Holding things down for the Family Tree collective and the South East of
the capital, Merky ACE’s presence may not have been as notable as that
of Kozzie, Rival and Scrufizzer, but has always been lingering about.
With the release of “Blue Battlefield” he hopes to solidify his place
amongst the up-coming generation of Grime’s premier names.

As much of the young MCing talent set to break through (usefully all
contained on the “Spartan” remix) are all collectively criticised for
one-dimensional tendencies, it’s interesting to see how it pans out on
this release. Pure greeze and little more is what’s expected on him, and
essentially it’s what this mixtape is made up of. From the point the
intro (the second part of “Do Dis Ting”) leaps into action, Merky
establishes himself as a spitter purely in it to wreck the scene. Anyone
object? Filled to the brim with his metaphoric firearm-wielding
references, the mixtape presents Merky ACE on a true high.

The Lewisham MC may not have the growling delivery of Rival or Marger, but
is equipped here with the concussion-inducing beats from the scene’s
most accomplished producers. From Teddy to Doctor P to Rude Kid, the
mixtape has the quality factor. While it may lessen the significance,
considering that he vocals a few overused Grime and Dubstep
instrumentals, the mixtape isn’t lacking in cohesiveness. It’s far from a
concept album, but it has a clear beginning, middle and end. He uses
the popular riddims (“Reason”, “Electric” etc.) as a platform to
exemplify the radio side of his music, but has further dynamics with his
road tales and anthemic bangers. He rides the on-trend wave-like bassy
synth just as well as anyone and even journeys into the bouncy
retro-styled percussion on “Sent Down” – proving his flexibility.

On the complete other side of the musical spectrum to “Violent”, “Normal”
and the endless streams of relentless gun talk, we find ourselves
pondering on the MC’s potential beyond raves and radio sets as “Where’s
Your Head At?” and “Reason” proves his accessibility and commercial
viability. We’re not saying he’ll do the ‘sell out’ thing (far from it)
it’s more that he moulds the marketable sound around what’s true to the

“Blue Battlefield” should be noted for its restricted features. The days of
guest spots on nearly every tune may have passed somewhat, but it would
have been all too easy for him to boast of his wide-ranging associates.
Instead, Merky saves that for the production and only saves a few tracks
for guest vocals from the rest of Family Tree and his closest
affiliates. Without doubt, the liveliness of the crew cuts (“Let’s
Rally” and “Furby”) sharpen the MC’s lyrical prowess and give the
release more playability.

“Violent” may not strike the listener as the most memorable tune and there are hints that his signature ‘errr’ adlib may be an excuse to cut some ideas
short, but it’s difficult to fault this mixtape. Other than minor
issues and that some may not take well to some well-drained beats being
used here, you’ll be left content with what’s found on “Blue
Battlefield”. It’s not as if there’s any skippable tunes or a lack in
depth – it’s very immediate and doesn’t need time to grow on you, but
still retains the replay factor needed for it to be considered a
significant Grime release this year.

In summary, “Blue Battlefield” shows all the promise of an MC with
potential longevity in this Grime thing. It’s important to note that he
may have a few promos under his belt, but “Blue Battlefield” was the
true test for him. Pulling off his first ‘proper’ mixtape was a must and
he nails it here. His extensive past experience has trained his
sadistic imagery-laden bars to out-compete others, master a
characteristic flow and craft a consistent release. It’s fair enough to
be on the ball with these; they’re are great foundations but, a little
more storytelling, deeper concepts and variety will take him all the

Merky ACE’s “Blue Battlefield” gets 9/10

Posted by: Chiino – MOG

You can pre-order Merky Aces Blue Battlefield From The Links Below



RedEye Records


Beat Geeks – The Nightmare EP [Out April 1st]

April the 1st which is tomorrow for those not in the know sees the brand new EP from Nottingham based beat making duo Blenda and Elreezy aka The Beatgeeks drop, available to buy digitally from iTunes and Amazon the EP is some 4 tracks plus a bonus track deep including the huge track ‘Nightmare’ which was vocalled by Dot Rotten on Hyperfranks Volume Control series, other bangers such as Chills and Strike One are on the EP and a massive link-up with SkitzBeatz on the bonus track assassination, so make sure you head over to either iTunes and amazon and buy this monster release from tomorrow.

Buy From The Link Below

Dot Rotten – It’s Over [Wiley Dub 2]

If Dot Rotten was just warming up when he dropped the first dub ‘Pop Artist’ in Wileys direction it would seem he has now warmed up and is ready for action as he drops his second dub ‘It’s Over’ and it’s a dub many levels up from the first, deciding to go in over the beat made famous by Drake on ‘Over’ Dot Rotten couples slews with a vicious flow and a catchy chorus ‘You aint got no gun you aint killing anyone’ etc, it’s one of those that stick in your head, the video is funny and just as hurtful, using visuals as a way of parring was a good move, although i’d still much rather prefer to hear him on a grime beat the dub has a lot going for it and as stated is much better than the first, we’re likely to hear a reply from Wiley and it’s going to have to be a good one, Wiley took the first round in my opinion but he’s going to have to come harder than before here, it’s too early to say ‘It’s Over’ but Dot Rotten has definately made a statement, im just glad they’ve took it to dubs rather then just air it on twitter, watch and listen below.

Darq E Freaker – Cherryade [Oil Gang] [Out Soon]

Another instrumental release for you here is the brand new Cherryade EP by Darq E Freaker that will be available on vinyl from april the 18th and digitally from all good stores from the 4th of may, released through Oil Gang the EP is 3 tracks deep including the huge Queen Of Hoxton, Cape Town and the massive Cherryade, if it’s hard skanking grime you want this the release for you, so make you head over to the available shops and cop this monster release as soon as it lands!!.



2.Queen Of Hoxton

3.Cape Town

Dexplicit – Wizard Of Rave [Out Soon]

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases is that from the legend that is Dexplicit entitled ‘Wizard Of Rave’ the man who bought us the massive anthems such as the original Pow and Bullacake will be dropping the 4 track instrumental EP soon, below is two previews from the release, no exact date yet but look out for this one it promises to be massive.

MOG Reviews Rival Vs Nytz EP

The aptly named “Rival Vs Nytz” e.p begins with a Mortal Kombat themed intro, which sets the release into motion. For over one minute the listener inhales a brutal fight scene which ends with “Rival Vs Nytz”. This helps build the anticipation for the next seven songs nicely and hints at a lyrical gore-fest.


The first proper song, “Oh shit” begins with Rival saying “Hear this? this is not for all you censored DJ’s to play”. This is accompanied by a Nytz dubstep instrumental, similar to Breakage in style and the combination of the MC and producer is continued when Rival acknowledges this in his chorus of “Rival Vs Nytz, greeze meets the hype, beats meet the mic, we’re controlling”. Lyrically, this song is based on Rival’s passion for violence as he declares himself “A homicide writer” which fits nicely amongst the dirty dubstep wobble. It is a nice beginning to the e.p, but the next song “Hit Em up” is better.


The high quality of production continues with more dubstep wobbles and drum patterns. Rival also continues his side of the bargain with more ultra-violent lyrics, who flows well over the beat. The combination is a battering of the ears as hardcore lyrics and content meets hardcore dubstep production.
Song four, “Zombies” samples the zombie theme tune from the Call of duty mini-game. An ambient piano mixed with a heavy dubstep wobble mixed with more aggressive lyrics is definitely a winning combination. This song is a certified contender for the best song of the e.p. as the MC and producer excel in their fields.


“Conspiracy” follows with more sampling, with a conversation on the ethics of heaven and hell. Rival’s content is slightly different here and follows the theme of the song title as he says “Am I really going to sell my soul to someone that I don’t really know? Get paid for the fame because I’m really broke. Conspiracy!”. The next line says “So what, am I involved? Am I a freemason?”. Clearly this concept song is questioning whether famous, influential artists are involved in freemasonry, such as the rumours involving Tinchy Stryder and more so Jay Z. It is clever content from Rival, but Nytz also creates ambience by this dark instrumental, which further shows his talent.


“Headshot antics” is song seven and follows the theme of violence, as shown by the clue in the title name. Again, Rival comes with the gun-firing murder lyrics whilst Nytz brings the dubstep wobbles and snare-emphasised dubstep patterns. In fact, the instrumental’s themselves could pass as a good non verbal release. On Rival’s behalf, this song sounds similar to P Money in style as does other areas of the e.p in general, which will please grime fans with the great delivery of lines and flow.


The e.p ends with “Potion”. Here Nytz samples the Reggae chorus which sings “The weed is more than a potion”. However, unlike most songs, Nytz uses this to create a mellow dubstep production centred around Reggae rather than ear splitting wobbles. Rival also changes his style here and turns his lyrics to the focus of cannabis. The lyrics “Failed exams but I left with the highest grade” emphasise the songs content which will definitely be a smash amongst weed smoking fans.


Final Thoughts: The only questionable thing about this e.p is why it is a free giveaway. With seven solid songs it could clearly pass for a sellable release, but nonetheless it is not. Together, the two combine to create a winning project of raw dubstep mixed with raw lyricism. As well as proving their versatility with songs Potion and Conspiracy which are less graphic and hard compared to the rest. Overall this is a good release and fans should not be put off by the dubstep instrumentals. Unlike some “Grime MC meets dubstep” songs, the result is not a sing-along gimmick. Instead the songs maintain credibility and the rawness of grime which is pleasing.

Score: 8.5

Best Song: Zombies

Best Line: “My music is alien, I am not human. I’m not from this planet – I’m moving galactic”

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