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MindOfGrime Meets Terrorsum!!!


Today, we at MindOfGrime caught up with our favourite up n coming MC “Terrorsum” for a quick chat about his career so far, future plans and what grime means to him.

MOG: So, Terrorsum tells us more about you and introduce yourself to the people who don’t know you well yet.

Terrorsum: Im a music artist, 19 years old. I make music straight from my heart, not manufactured, if you dont know then check me out.

MOG: How did you first realize you could MC and what got you into grime in the first place?

Terrorsum: It started in school, in about year 9 everyone was into it, i had written lyrics before this, but to rap beats & poems etc. I thought id give it a go, enjoyed it, so stuck with it.

MOG: Where did the name actually originate from?

Terrorsum: To be honest, i actually dont know, i just came up with it when i was young and its stuck with me for now.

MOG: How can fans get access to you, your music out now and/or future release?

Terrorsum: Im on most social networking sites, except the shit ones, just search “Terrorsum” , if i use the site will come up. I have a free mixtape to be released on 26th June. Which will be avaidable to download from my facebook : Terrorsum, my twitter @terrorsum, and team supremes blog.

What do you think is doing alot on grime scene at this moment? (Thats keeping the grime scene alive)

Terrorsum: Anyone who makes music which reflects themselves, not what they think people might want to hear.

MOG: What are your views on the grime scene at the moment (i.e is it blossoming or dying)? Why, and how could we fix the problems?

Terrorsum: I think the grime scene is in a healthy state, theres demand for it, and countless artists doing their thing, i cant see it dying any time soon.

MOG: Tells us more about your forthcoming free mixtape “Just An Insight”, when you bringing it out?

Terrorsum: It will be up for download on June 26th. Im not gunna big it up and talk about how great it is, ill just let the music do the talking.

MOG: What feeling did you get, when you clashed Marvell Crew? Did you though that was a massive step to your music career?

Terrorsum: It was a good feeling, but i wouldnt say its a massive step in my career. Its a help though, exposed me to a different audience who may not have heard me before. I could of done better, but im not gunna dwell on it.

MOG: 2010 its here, you think its going to be a big year for you?

Terrorsum: As long as i stay motivated and keep branching out then i dont see why not, but im not expecting instant results, im very ambitious but understand things take time.

MOG: Who have you enjoyed working with in the past and would you most like to collab with at this stage? (Emcee or Producer wise)

Terrorsum: Ive been working closely with an artist called Blits from my area for a few years now, and people seem to like the music we make. Me and Dazzle also make alot of music, since we first went to Random Impulses studio in early 2008. Producer wise shout out too, Acen, 2ne, Swizzee. For consistently providing me with banging tunes throughout the years, and shout out to the other producers giving me tunes at the moment. If i could work with anyone it would be eninem, i think hes a genius.

MOG: What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

Terrorsum: I just love the freedom of speech to be able to say whatevers on my mind when im writing, and the fact that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

MOG: What is it about grime that makes it different from other genres?

Terrorsum: Its originality.

And how has your music evolved since you first began?

Terrorsum: Just been striving to make improvements, if you heard any of my material when i started you would know why lol.

MOG: What do you think about illegal downloads?

Terrorsum: Its not good for the artist, but it happens, real supporters will buy not download.

MOG: Finally we wanna say a huge thanks for the interview and all the best for you in the future, anyone you wanna shout out/big up?

Terrorsum: Shout out to everyone that genuinely believes in me and supports what i do.

Here, we have some tunes from Terrorsum featuring other mc’s..

If you like what you hear, make sure you support the artist!!



Today, at MindOfGrime, we have posted something like 6-7 differents versions of “CD Is Dead” By JME & Tempz. We also posted an remix from Rude Kid.. Right now, Royal T, has posted his own remix of the “CD Is Dead“… I Quite like the song, the vibe or flow matches the video and the artists flow.. I reckon, the producer the this track from day one, should of been Royal T..

Here is the sample of the track.. If you like, support the artist, share the video, on your twitters, facebooks or else where.. And stick around, cause this is just the beginning.

N.A.T – Renegade: Track 1 & 2 [EP]

The FIRST package release from N.A.T on Sublow Movement. This two track EP is called “Renegade, which features the tracks Renegade Original Mix and Renegade Remix. Stick around, more to come soon from one of the finest from Sublow Movement..

JME & Tempz – CD Is Dead [Rude Kid Remix]

Earlier we posted 5-6 different versions by 5-6 different producers of the JME & Tempz smash CD Is Dead and now we have a version by none other than Mr Are You Ready himself Rude Kid.

Blaze, Jammer & Jammin – Cancelling Your Show [Street Vid]

Street Vid to the new Blaze, Jammer and Jammin track titled ‘Cancelling Your Show‘ very good track on which all 3 emcees show off their superior emceeing skills.

Maveric – Sounds Like [Video]

Here we have the video to young talented artist Maveric’s track titled ‘Sounds Like‘ which is taken from his forthcoming release The Storm out on june 14th, track is produced by Nathan Retro and video is filmed by Luke Monaghan.

Hydro – Link Up Tv Freestyle

Hydro is one of grimes hottest young properties and here he proves why by fulling going in on this freestyle for Link Up Tv, he recently featured on the Shank soundtrack as well as appearing in many videos and radio sets and he dropped his debut mixtape On This Ting, expect big things from this talented young artist in 2010 and the future.