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Rage & Lexman – The Arrival EP [OUT NOW]

February looks like it could be a big month for grime with a lot of big releases, one of them being from two members of the very talented Slew Dem Crew, Rage and Lexman with The Arrival EP.

The EP has got 7 tracks all produced by G Tank and shows the versatility of both the MCS and the producer with a variety of bars, flows and beats.

The opening and title track of the EP shows the lyrical ability of the two MCs with them spitting about how they’ve reached the position they’re currently at. The MCs take it in turn to put their verses over the Tank beat either side of a simple but catchy chorus.

The second track We Do This is a complete contrast to the first track with a long intro on the beat before it drops and after that the bars are a straight hype, the sort of bars if spat in a rave or on a set would be sing-along/reload bars.

The track that follows this P’s Up is probably the only track on the EP that I’m not really feeling but maybe it will grow on me. The subject is all about making money, feel like I’ve heard that before but that’s personal opinion.

The next track entitled Mafia is one of the stand out tracks on the EP for me, the beat is the same one that Ruff Sqwad used for their tune Mario Balotelli and it’s an absolute monster of a beat. The bars again are quite hyped and the chorus is a simple but effective chant of ‘mafia’ and ‘slew dem’.

Track 5 Halloween is probably my other favourite off the EP. The beat is absolutely sick, the bars are violent and aggressive and the flows fit perfectly on the beat!

The next track, Pop a Bottle, again is completely different and is all about clubbing and drinking. The tune is a really simple concept but sounds pretty good.

The final track on the EP Give it 2 u, is probably the last thing you would expect to hear from Rage and Lex on a G Tank beat. As the title suggests the subject is all about girls and the tune is very chilled out. The beat again shows G Tank’s versatility as a producer with a house style beat. Not the sort of music I would usually listen to but really feeling this tune.

The EP in my opinion is very good and I recommend a listen of it. The styles of the beats and bars are different for every track, if you like any type of grime I can guarantee there will be at least one track that you really like on this EP.

You can buy Rage & Lexmans The Arrival EP for just £1.99 from


Big up to Mihir @MihirHS215 for the post!!



Where You At Don Don? Im On iTunes From Friday Donny Don [MIK – Donny Don Review]

M.I.K is an mc known for his consistent releases, and with that in mind it’s time to look at his latest…‘Donny Don’. The project totals one song, ‘Donny Don’ – which has two instrumental versions, one by grime producer Flava D and another by Numan, the dubstep producer (but not in the ‘wob wob’ sense). Rest assured, both versions are in safe hands. ‘Donny Don’ also includes the acapella, which is a growing trend with grime releases. On a side note, it’s nice to see this growing trend of acapellas which means DJ’s and other producers can spread the creativity.

As you’d expect with M.I.K – his lyrics are harsh, brutal and most of all: grimy. M.I.K announces “Pull out the big ting, aim for the victim make a boy do star jumps…dancer”. With all respect to M.I.K his lyrics are quite simple at times yet full of quality at the same time which is what makes M.I.K so intriguing and it’s also the effectiveness which the bars bring. M.I.K also has a typical bragging style and talks being a top MC, selling weed and other things which you’re likely to hear on grime. The songs title, ‘Donny Don’ comes from the chorus of “Where you at Don Don? Oi! I’m here Donny Don” which is strangely catchy.

The first instrumental by Flava D is typical grime, involving stabs of bass, claps and other sounds. It’s pretty basic but once again works and sounds influenced from the early kind of grime beats. You could easily imagine this on a set or something which would get the crowd going mad. That goes for both the vocals and beat.

Numans take on the beat is different, and uses bright synths and a mass of electronic noises. Unlike Flava D’s beat, this is more melody based and sounds like something straight out of an old Sega game. It’s really different from the original and acts as a proper remix, which are meant to change the song up as much as possible.

Final Thoughts: It’s good that people like M.I.K continue to put out music on a constant basis. ‘Donny Don’ is an example of that and is a short, but good release. It’s typical M.I.K – with his normal flow, lyrics and content – so previous fans, and all grime fans for that matter should take note, this is how a release should be done. The remix adds life, but his target audience will enjoy the acapella and Flava D versions the most.

Best Line: “Pull out the big ting, aim for the victim make a boy do star jumps…dancer”

MIKs Donny Don is out on iTunes & Amazon from Friday 30th September (this friday) and you can listen to the previews below to get some sense of how much of a banger Donny Don is

MOG Reviews Roachee – RoachMaterial Vol 1

One of grimes veteran MC’s is back, with an EP too. That would be Roachee, and his latest release ‘Roach Material Vol.1’. What this means for grime fans, is grime. In 2011, grime is needed more than ever so with that in mind the EP is a relief to hear. It totals up to ten songs and includes an intro.

The EP begins with Roachee briefly announcing himself and his return which is essentially a freestyle where he tells listeners what to expect, and where he’s been of late. It’s a short, but needed introduction into the EP.

The first song, ‘Filthy rich’ is based on his own take on the term. It’s an interesting concept, as the ‘filthy’ part doesn’t mean what you’d assume…which is lots of money. Instead Roachee is talking about the filthy ways to make money, such as robbing and dealing. It’s a clever take on the phrase and serves as an insight into his street life, which includes lots of weed, women and beef which can be summed up purely as grime in a physical form.

This is followed by ‘The fuckerys started’ featuring Dirty Danger who provides the chorus. The first thing to note is the instrumental, which is less grimy than before – but still remains in the genre. However, everything remains as Roachee claims “It’s officially hungry season, Roachee and Trim you better run when you see them” which just about sums the song up, as cemented by the title.

The anthem ‘Sith lord’ follows which is one of the EP’s best tracks. Here grime meets dubstep in the form of The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ which has been remixed, with heavy drums and bass added. The chorus says it all “Sith Lord, black on black, rats and cats, pits and staff’s trackies and hats” which gives you a flavour of the song. Like ‘Filthy rich’, Roachee describes his wild lifestyle and bleak surroundings which is sure to impress grime heads.

Similar themes continue with ‘Dark round here’ which features Stutta. Again, the beat is grime, the lyrics are grime and it all fits together quite well. So far, in the middle of the EP it’s clear that Roachee has stamped his mark back on the grime scene and has proved why he’s still rated highly.

Song six, ‘Why?’ rivals ‘Sith Lord’ for the best instrumental of the release, and this time Roachee and Stutta are joined by Rival, and Rude Kid on the beat. Here the trio denounce fakers who are in grime for quick cash, selling out and ignoring their fan base. In 2011, it seems very relevant as Rival says “Asking about are you going to bang though? Those MC’s get me mad though because they’re the ones to get booked for a damn show”. Roachee gives his own view, that grime is still alive – but also claims it needs new ideas and good music. ‘Why?’ is different to the majority of the EP and offers a little diversity.

The next collaboration, ‘Evolving’ brings a return for Dirty Danger and once again Roachee’s word-play and lyricism leaves lasting impressions. “It’s not a holiday camp, my next door neighbour’s are horrible tramps and other road men and the living conditions are atrocious, but that’s where the home is” is probably the line of the track and as ever, gives an insight into Roachee’s life. Dirty Danger on the other hand, provides another good chorus which seems his main priority on the EP.

The Ruff Sqwad line up continues, with ‘Bin Laden’ – this time featuring Rapid and Fuda Guy. The three do well over yet another grimy beat and this time Roachee supplies the chorus. Like usual, his subject is all about street life, which seems fitting for a grime release after all.

The EP ends with ‘Life’ where he once again denounces sell-outs. It’s like ‘Why?’ all over again, this time with Roachee going solo. As he puts it, “Some of the mandem are broke, so I’ve got to share like a Facebook status, certain man ain’t got a bag to their name and you’re out their splashing champagne on the ladies”. He has a point, and after this the EP ends.

Final Thoughts: Roachee is back, that’s for sure. It’s refreshing to hear hype mixed with lyricism and a bit of originality, so this EP is definitely worth it for grime fans. Right now, it’s also no secret that Roachee is up for clashing Scorcher at the next Lord of the mics. Hopefully this can happen, as it would be a shame for Roachee not to get a clash. After listening to the EP it seems he’s hungry enough for it and more than ready. In brief, ‘Roach Material Vol.1’ is something for grime fans who want a return to the old sound, with nothing prioritised in between.

Best Song: Sith Lord

Best Line: “It’s not a holiday camp, my next door neighbour’s are horrible tramps and other road men and the living conditions are atrocious, but that’s where the home is”

You can download Roachmaterial Vol 1 from the link below

Rage Takes Us Back To The Streets Of Rage [Review]

The return of Rage from the notorious Slew Dem crew has also meant the return of his ‘Streets of rage’ saga, this time with the follow up to the original, ‘Streets of rage 2’. This means listeners will be hearing more from the man himself, as well as features from fellow MC’s Tempa T, Shorty Smallz, Pinky and Lex. Not to forget either, the production looks strong with the likes of G.Tank, Maniac, Topdolla and Skitz. At sixteen songs in length, it looks set to put grime fans into chaos again.

The first song, ‘If u don’t know?’ breaks the project in, with a grime beat which uses a reggae twist. What is first noticeable is the fact Rage chooses to rap his chorus – which is something done too little in grime. Here listeners won’t be hearing any attempted singing or a new singer completely, so it is good in that respect and he pulls it off well.

Next follows ‘After the dance’ which will definitely wake grime fans up. The opening line begins with the unmistakable “Sleeeeew Deeeeeem” mixed with Tempa T’s “It’s nice, it’s nice”. Rage continues to impress with his on-point flow and as far as content is concerned, it’s a mix of lyrics about the street – with mentions of guns, fights and hype. Of course Tempa T delivers too who provides the hook of “After the dance!” In its early form, the project is shaping up nicely and seems very polished as Rage uses a great combination of content, flow and catchy enough choruses.

Soon enough is ‘F with the team’ this time featuring Lex and Pinky. An electric-guitar style grime beat is used but it’s the chorus again which further solidifies the track. An example being, “You think you’re fucking with the team you must be drunk or fucking lean we got them clips and magazines that have you hooked up to machines my Slew Dem tugz’ will let it be”. As mentioned earlier, it’s the mix of raw energy and a polished delivery which will please listeners.

The dark theme is continued with ‘Four snipers’ again with Pinky. Produced by Snugg, the eerie chimes alongside heavy drums set the scene. Once again ‘beef’ is the content, and with this in mind you wouldn’t want to clash Rage as he seems to love the war bars based on aggression. It also becomes apparent that ‘Streets of rage 2’ is not meant for the pop crowd and as you’d expect, it’s a no-holds-barred account from Rage who holds nothing back in his bars.

The strong production is carried over with ‘Shower man bars’ by Maniac. You can expect his killer combination of strings, squares and all things grime, and Rage on his own matches the beat perfectly. An example of the content is “Chilling with your girl get showered in your car. Black telescope shower man from far, boy of the ting like a shower man par” which as you could imagine – would cause carnage in a rave. Almost half way through the project and listeners should be pleased, the word ‘consistency’ springs to mind at this point.
‘Boom bye bye’ is next and the clue for the content is in the title. Joined by Lex and produced by Skitz the theme yet will impress fans. Again, production is a high standard and as usual it’s grime. The choir yells fit nicely alongside the ‘Me vs you’ type lyrics as Rage continues to talk about his life.

Song ten, ‘I’m about’ is another Slew Dem anthem, this time with Tempa T and Shorty Smallz which opens with the legendary “Slew Dem” war cry. Again Tempa T provides another killer hook by shouting “I’m about I’m about” and his verse is quite similar to that of ‘Next hype’. Again, listeners be warned – this is strictly grime and is a million miles away from the mainstream, which for many will be part of the appeal!

Following on is ‘Grafter’ which is the projects first real ‘hustler’ tune – that is, a song dedicated to working hard and making money. As Rage puts it himself “I want to make millions, that’s why I’m at home billing them, 16 bars which are killing them…I won’t stop until a mansion, I’m chilling in – until then I wrap food with the cling and ting”. Alongside the claps and dramatic strings, his flow is complete and the result is a verse of great quality.
The theme of hard work follows on with ‘Hard dayz’, where Rage shows his head is screwed on and explains his surroundings and the struggle of poverty. It’s a little different from the rest of the release and shows a glimpse of something else which adds diversity.

The story-telling format develops with ‘Turn 2 Snitches’ as Rage declares his goal is to make money or wind up in jail. It’s a big risk and after the listening to the past few songs you can’t help but hope the first option is what awaits the MC. Over Topdolla’s sampled beat it fits well too.

The mixtape ends with ‘War talk’ produced by Maniac which brings it full circle. It’s an appropriate title to end on as the bulk of the mixtape features war talk for the majority of the content. This is the same here. It finally ends with the echoing words “Slew Dem” which seems equally appropriate due to the roster of Slew Dem MC’s and producers on the release.

Final Thoughts: Any self-proclaimed grime fan should add this to their collection because it is what it is…grime. And consistent grime at that. The combination of harsh lyrics, pin-point flows and delivery mixed with quality production and the ability to create catchy hooks makes this one of the best releases in recent times. Not to forget either, a lot of the bars used would be suitable for a rave too, so it seems Rage has found the perfect balance in creating a grime mixtape. It has been a while since the original ‘Streets of rage’ but it seems worth the wait – as a polished no-nonsense piece of work is the result.

Best Song: I’m about

Best Line: “Chilling with your girl get showered in your car. Black telescope shower man from far, boy of the ting like a shower man par”

You can buy Rage’s – Streets Of Rage 2 From The Link Given Below

G Tank – Flash Forward EP [What Can We Expect?] Ouit 9/9/2011

Here at Mind Of Grime we’ve been given a few exclusives for the upcoming producer G.Tank’s ‘Flash forward’ EP which is out September 9th, and is a mix of his own instrumentals and also vocals of his beats. The EP is a total of nine songs in length, including a bonus track too.

The first song available ‘Round we go’ features some of grimes most hungry and raw MC’s this time with Merky Ace, Lex, Clipson and Big Narstie with a verse and chorus too. As ever, it is Merky Ace who provides the aggression with lines such as “I talk nuff gun talk all for the passion, act up I’ll get your head filled with suttin, you’re a wasteman you ain’t doing man nothing, come to my bits I’ll show you suttin”. Lyrically, it is of a high standard as ever and G.Tank focuses on hits, squares and claps to provide the energy. It’s grime in every sense of the word.

Keeping with the vocals, ‘Peas and gwap’ obviously centres on money and once more, Big Narstie is given the chorus duty and his lyrics are as gritty as ever such as “Mac-10 hanging out of the window, burst on site on a pagan”. Lexman Deya provides the rest of the content and chooses to look at money more than Big Narstie’s gun-shooting lyrics. It’s a good combination, and the beat as ever is pretty good. This time G.Tank uses a variety of quick strings and heavy drums to create one of the EP’s less electronic sounding beats.

The penultimate song, ‘Dial up connection’ is one of the releases instrumental tunes and yet again the bass has a big presence in the song. It’s a little more ambient than G.Tanks usual stuff but don’t get him wrong, he loves making energy in every beat, and this applies to Dail up connection. As usual, there’s a lot going on with various over-lapping melodies – however it’s never in danger of sounding too complex.

The EP ends with ‘Therapy’ which like the previous song is a plain instrumental. It takes just over 40 seconds to really kick in and uses a variety of sampled ‘what!’ vocals blended with electro stabs and heavy bass. Listeners can expect this to be used on sets or in a rave as it holds a lot of hype and energy to it.

Thoughts: The Flash forward EP sounds good from what we’ve heard. G.Tank is an established producer but doesn’t rest on his laurels and usually sticks with a winning combination of heavy bass, stabs and claps. Generally speaking, this is a successful combination among grime producers and the same applies here. Whilst the instrumentals used will please some, G.Tank has also included three vocal tracks, including a mass of 13 established MC’s for an 8-bar rally. With that in mind, this is shaping up to be a quality release.


1 Flashforward 8 Bar Sceance ft Kozzie ,MIK, Merky Ace, Big Narstie, Marcus, Fumin, Jammin, Trozion, Clipson, Dpower, Rival, Doller The Dustman
02 Behind The Power (Instrumental)
03 Round We go G.tank Ft Merky Ace, Big Narstie , Lexx & Clipson
04 3Way Speaker (Instrumental)
05 Peas and Gwap ft Big Narstie & Lexman Deya (Explicit version
06 Techtonic (Instrumental)
07 Dial Up Connection (Instrumental
08 Therapy (Instrumental)
09 (Instrumental) Bonus Track

Look out for this monster landing on September the 9th

Dazzle – Unity [The Collaborations Mixtape] Review [Out August 11th]

For those that don’t know, Dazzle is an upcoming MC who has came together with numerous other MC’s to create the ‘Unity’ mixtape, the name being linked with the large amount of features on the release. It is sixteen songs in length, including an intro which Dazzle uses to explain his reasons behind the project.

‘Unity’ beings with the song “Why can’t you?” featuring Skitzo and is the main relationship track on the mixtape. However, it does differ from the usual stuff as the pair pitch both the male and female side to the argument. It’s quite inventive and is much better than the usual ‘I love you business’ which can get tiresome. Think along the lines of Dizzee Rascal’s “I luv u” song where both boy and girl interact. The instrumental is about as grimy as they come too, which is loaded with claps and high-pitched vocals.

Secondly is “Go hard” with Tashan Moss who sings the chorus with some force and a verse too. For any grime fan the first thing to notice is the Dot Rotten instrumental so expect a moody beat. Dazzle uses this to express his desires for success in life and gets a bit conscious too in talking about escaping from his grey dwellings with friends who are potential ‘snakes’. It’s a big change of scenery after “Why can’t you?” and early on proves Dazzle’s diverse content.

Moving on to “Rumours”, Dazzle teams up with G-Fam, which includes the likes of Styler, Random Impulse and Dimples. The four build upon the themes of “Go hard” in wanting to improve on their lives and it is once again a kind of ‘F*** you’ to any potential haters listening. Already into the mixtape it’s clear Dazzle has kept it grimy on productions which will please the most staunch of grime fans.

“Skill” is next and is the first real ‘anthem’ of the release featuring Terrorsum and Harry Shotta. Here the three declare their lyrical skill over a beat with brass, electric guitars and piano keys. Instrumental wise, this shows the talent of Silvz but by in terms of vocal – Dazzle keeps his usual flow, which is basic but very effective. It seems simplicity is the best option for Dazzle who doesn’t try to over-complicate his words with stacks of metaphors or speed. With this said, it’s a bit of a nostalgia trip.

Song seven, “Tired” is another change in content where Dazzle denounces the street life and says he is ‘tired’ of being “Trapped in the system, all they do is enslave us” and also goes on to claim that “One in three girls turns out to be a slag”. In story-telling terms, it is a typical critique of UK poverty and the social problems this can go on to create. Acen also chips in with a verse and touches on similar grounds.

The following song, “Winter snow” develops this pessimistic view of Dazzles surroundings this time with Big Narstie sharing a few bars. However, Dazzle does seek some hope in using his music to live a better life. It is the perfect settings for Big Narstie to bring in his lyrics of ‘Pain!’ and he does just that. This is possibly the most serious tune on the release and after a listen you can only feel for Dazzle and hope he does make it in life.

“Legacies” further develops these thoughts and DThrills claims “We need to jam with all this hype, too many brothers going down over knife crime”. It is a long way away from any hype lyrics or aggressive shouting and instead will be appreciated by those looking for more content based lyrics in grime. This can apply to the overall mixtape this far as well.

Straight up next is “Mama don’t cry” and here the title is a clue for the tone of the song. This time Dazzle efforts his emotions into praising his mother, for her hard work, love and strength. It’s very honest for an MC to do and once more shows Dazzle has many different subjects to talk about.

Soon kicks in “Hometown” where producer Etsu samples Adelle’s smash hook from the original Hometown song. It’s been done many times before but is a great sample. Once again Dazzle chooses to look at his local problems, damning the government cuts, which he partly blames for youths joining local gangs and turning to crime. As said before, he clearly favours this style over any form of hype.

Song fifteen, “Found myself” features Roro. On this song Dazzle ponders the meaning of life and further delves into philosophical thoughts, talking about our eventual deaths which forever loom over humanity. With this, he draws strength and uses it as a positive, claiming you must find yourself to enjoy and succeed in life. This song acts has a positive outlook, which somewhat goes against the negatives Dazzle often talks about on the release.

After Dazzle brings another song based on positivity. Here teaming up with Illamadi, Tazzle and Big Narstie is the mixtapes proper anthem based on pride, success and honour. After all the problems Dazzle looks upon throughout the release, it’s good to end on a high with this and “Found myself” which give a message of hope.

Final Thoughts: ‘Unity’ is a suitable name for a mixtape with features on every song and is the perfect size, avoiding either being too long or short. After a few listens, it’s clear Dazzle favours stories and concepts over energy so comparisons with Tempa T can stop now. However, Dazzle is still grime and uses grimy instrumentals throughout. The only real problem is that, with the constant outbursts of feelings and emotion, perhaps some songs would be best suited towards an album. This is based on Dazzle’s stories and for the most part, his social observations on society and his closer neighbourhood. Comparisons can be held with Dizzee Rascal’s bleak early work, in terms of Dazzle’s pessimism he often expresses. However, as noted the mixtape ends with hope. Overall ‘Unity’ is a strong release and will get Dazzle’s name out there. If you like Grime then this is for you, just don’t expect much shouting or gun lyrics.

Score: 8

Best Song: Winter Snow

Best Line: “Imagine all the grief going through my mothers head standing there as her son walked through the door with blood on his clothes, cuts on his body and more. The only reason why I think I survived was the Lord”

MOG Reviews ZDot’s Gangster EP!

Grime producer Zdot has come together with a tonne of MC’s for his latest release, “Gangster” the EP. The format here is that he provides the same beat whilst the MC’s each give their individual take on the instrumental. This includes twelve vocals and also his solo version.

The EP kicks off with Scrufizzer, RIO, Shifty, Revolver, Warlock and Wariko who do their best at creating a real hype track. Think ‘Pow’ but less mainstream. It is a strong line up and Wariko ends the track particularly well, saying “Not every street has camera’s road life isn’t for the amateurs”. This is the general feel for the whole song which grime heads will love.

Secondly is the first solo version by Byron of Slough who continues the onslaught of aggression, entering the track with the lines of “Man want to claim they draw for the tech or the shotty, start thinking you’re Curtis Warren, I suggest you don’t get too cocky”. This sets the tone for the remainder of the song as Byron uses it to expose fake ‘gangsters’ and it must also be noted his transition to grime is done very well.

This is followed by drumnbass legend Harry Shotta who also turns his hand to grime. And what is most impressive is his flow, which is obviously one based on intense speed. Harry uses gangster to show his appreciation towards grime, claiming “Grime is UK, I’m proud of it, it’s like some of these MC’s want to get out of it”. He has a point and it would be nice to hear more of him on grime as like Byron, he can do it well.

Songs four and five are done by Jammin and Nolay who like those previously do not let listeners down. Jammin’s version is solid and even gets a mention of ‘Dirty Den’ in to our surprise. Elsewhere, Nolay proves women can MC claiming “I’ll have them 6 feet under with the worms and the bugs and every MC out here holding a grudge”. OG Nicki be warned, this is what you are up against at the next Lord of the mics!

After this follows the G-Fam version where Random Impulse does not disappoint either, giving Harry Shotta a run for his money in terms of who can flow the fastest

Stutta and Roachee hold up Ruff Squads’ side of gangster. It is Roachee who goes for the EP’s ‘greeze award’ with a verse suited for a song titled ‘gangster’. Highlights include the lines “The ends get deserted when I’m circling, because nobody wants to meet the burner in person” and “I’m not working right now so hand over your pound sterling or get blown into small particles like sherbet”. Like mentioned with Nolay, if Roachee does happen to get a clash, be very afraid…

Next up is the Durrty Skanx version which is followed by Birmingham’s Lady Lushurr who claims “I’m a pitbull you’re a Yorkshire terrier, cause harm – be sure to terror ya”. It is lines like this which will get her plaudits but after listening we can’t help but wonder why it is not her who is clashing Nolay which would be a very even match.

This is followed by Dolla’s version who claims “My life’s surrounded by coke and ganja, money gets seen like a banker” which is possibly the best line of the entire release. His song is generally solid but that line alone sums up the gangster EP.

Grime veteran Doctor is the twelfth song of the EP and gives listeners a real braggadocio track, claiming he is “fly” and “Half human, half a God”. It’s the first like this on the project and offers a bit of diversity from the previous ten songs which where notably more aggressive.

The final vocal is done by Romo, who is not the first to bring the skippy flow in and does it well. This brings an end to the lyrical side of the EP and by now the listener will have been able to listen to all and compare.

The release then ends with the instrumental, which is classic Zdot, featuring bell chimes, dark strings and also a sample of a cockney who claims “Who’s the fucking gangster then?” It is good stuff and shows why Zdot is rated so highly these days.

Final Thoughts: The EP is well put together and has a strong line up of good MC’s who differ in styles, status, gender and much more, so there is variety on that part. As well, it’s interesting to have a general concept of the word “gangster” and to see the individual takes on the term. However, the only real qualm with the release is its repetitive beat which may get too samey due to being repeated over twelve times, so it may be best to listen to this in chunks rather than one go. This is the nature of ‘one instrumental’ producer-based releases though and Zdot can’t be criticised for the quality of the instrumental alone, it is clearly one of his best.

Score: 8

Best Song: Gangster (GFam Version)

Best Line: “My life’s surrounded by coke and ganja, money gets seen like a banker”

Buy ZDots Gangster EP from the link below