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MIK – DPMO [Prod By Nu Klear] [Radio Rip]

Every so often there comes along a track in grime that gets the masses of grime fans ‘gassed’, we had it Groundwork and Spartan and now we have it in the shape of this brand new banger from Family Trees MIK, the track titled DPMO and produced by Nu Klear is straight slap up your gran grime from the excessive beat to the skippy flow that has made MIK a household name….no more needs to be said, listen below and prepare to smash something!!!


Dot Rotten – People You Know [Prod By Dot Rotten]

What are we on now, the fourth track from Dot Rottens fortnighly give away of tracks that are on his ‘Above The Waves’ EP, and once again we have a grade a banger, that is somewhat deep and somewhat thought provoking, the track is titled ‘People You Know’ and is produced by Dot Rotten himself, listen below and head over to Dot Rottens website to download free.

Download Link:

Rival – Lightwork [Video]

Rival is an emcee who’s workrate puts a lot of mcs to shame, be it newcomers or established names, the fact is the tunes Rival puts out arent just tunes for the sake of it, they are all good quality tracks with videos to match.

Today is no different as Rival drops his second video in consecutive days, this time the track is ‘Lightwork’ and this time it’s those over at WordOnRoad on the camera, as with all of Rivals videos it’s shot well and ive noticed that the videos to the tracks are nothing over elaborate, Rival and the Cameraman know what they’re doing, they do it well and there’s no need for pointless action sequences that have nothing to do with the track or the video, it’s just Rival doing what he does best infront of the camera.

But what of the track? Well it’s by Rival so you’re guaranteed quality and that’s what you get, there’s a reason why Rivals so highly rated and this track proves that, the violent, somewhat cocky side is in play here and the beat is solid, if unspectacular, watch and listen below.

Avalanch – Work My Way Up [Prod By Nico Lindsay]

An mc i’ve been working with closely for the past year or so is North Londons Avalanch, an mc I find to be extremely under-rated yet talented, we recently got working on a new mixtape from him titled ‘The Recovery Position’ which showcased his lyrical ability to the fullest and now were pleased to drop a brand new video from him to one of the tracks that featured on the release ‘Work My Way Up’ which is produced by close friend Nico Lindsay.

Work my way up is a tale of a young mc who for all intense and purposes is working his way up in the grime scene and that is exactly what Avalanch is doing, the beat suits the bars, tempo and meaning of the track to perfection and allows Avalanch to effortlessly ride the beat and put across his the video below and remember you can buy The Recovery Position given below.

Buy The Recovery Position From The Link Below

D-Bo – The Lost Tapes [Free Download]

This mixtape is a little different to what I usually blog due to the simply fact it’s grime as well as rap but D-Bo is a young artist ive been rating for some time now so I quickly downloaded this free offering from him titled ‘The Lost Tapes’ and was thoroughly impressed.

D-Bo can easily turn his hand to both genres and he does it well which the Lost Tapes fully emphasizes, 12 tracks are on the release and there’s features from the likes of Millz, Loco, S Dot and hard working Doller Da Dustman, dont delay and download this free today!!

Download From The Link Below

Marger – Sneaky EP [Free Download]

After taking a few weeks out due to some personal and political issues where he debated whether to pack things in or continue to do music Marger has made the right choice and decided to continue on the grime path and to clear up a few issues and as a thank you for his fans he kicks his for want of a better ‘comeback’ of in style with the release of the Sneaky EP.

Presented by Kushwave and some six tracks deep the Sneaky EP is a welcome return from a grime mc making huge waves in the scene, from the very first track on which Marger declares himself the ‘Lord Of Grime’ to further tracks ‘Boom Bye Bye’ ‘Alright’ and ‘Revolver’ alongside Discarda the EP starts of at a frenetic pace and never lets up, Marger is in top gear from the off and his ever growing confidence is there for all to see, he also uses the tracks to put his side to the story over recent events.

Sneaky EP is a very solid and welcome return from Marger and one im sure fans of both grime and Marger will enjoy so dont miss out and download absolutely free today.

Download From The Link Below

Did Dimples Really Have The Last Laugh? [Review]


As of late, Dimples has focussed greatly on making impressive, new, unique music and luckily enough for the underground scene, it has been in the form of Grime.


After his acclaimed success with “Groundwork”, Dimples name has grew and grew and the underrated grime scene veteran is finally getting some of the credit he deserves.


Dimples provides every Grime fan with a treat with his much anticipated new album “The Last Laugh Vol 3” and believe me, you will not be disappointed or hard pushed to find where your hard earned pounds have gone. From the build up of the introduction, you get the feeling the mix tape is going to be solid, surrounded by a somewhat eerie background, Dimples certifies himself as a Grime artist and clarifies that although he may do “other bits here and there” his loyalties lie in the Grime scene.


He claims that the “last nine years have been an intro” giving me the impression that he is trying to re-invent himself somewhat. His previous work when he was little more than an mc learning his craft is definitely outshone by this new, sharp, fresh Dimples.


There is certainly nothing amateur about the first half of the album, with the second track “policeman” trying something different and in my opinion, works perfectly. The vintage feel to the chorus makes you wanting to hear more, and when you do, Nico Lindsay, Fumin, Skillioso and Marger definitely put their personal touch on the track, Margers “hype” feel particularly works for me.


Dimples must have had a reason of putting his Logan Sama rip in there, and it certainly shows that he can step up the plate on national radio. His bars are on point and his clever use of metaphorical verses make track 4 worthy of his album.


Track 7, “Music Star” stands out to me from the introduction, he tries to explain to people that if they make good music, regardless of if it has a wide reach or not, if you are inspiring people then music is worth making. Once the track is over, it leaves me thinking that if everybody had the same ideology as Dimples, the world would be blessed with better music than some of the tosh that gets released nowadays.


Track 9 sees Dimples claiming to be a “special type of artist” and after the first half of the album comes to a climax, I for one can do little to argue with that statement. Artists of late in the Grime scene often have too much to say and try to be a little too ambitious, but this track proves that sticking to traditional techniques and flows, you can still make an absolute banger and he proves this here.


Now, I can’t not mention track 10, as Dimples drops his smash hit track “Groundwork” which each time it tears through my ears, still leaves its mark, from legendary producer Dexplicits’ impeccable production, to Dimples damaging flow, to Random Impulses’ “Overload” the track is near perfection, every MC on the track brings their best, and what better way to end the first half of the CD, I am left wanting to hear more and more.


Track 12 “100 Raindrops” sees Dimples stating that everyone on the street is “pissed off” and with most of the other stated things, I am left agreeing with the MC. The production  has a somewhat reflective aura about it and I for one definitely like the track, with Rude Kid on production and  the video, many that have been waiting for the single to drop now have it.


Track 13 sees Dimples go in over a strong Flava D production and brings a fresh feel to the mix tape, on this track sees the first thing about the album I am not fanatical about. His emphasis on the rhyming at the end of the flow somewhat compromises his flow in my opinion and instead of letting the ball roll, it stops and stutters it. If many other MC’s had made the track, it would border on being their best track they have made, but because Dimples had made it, I feel this important to point out.


Although Friscos’ “Ghost Train” instrumental has ran its course, as possibly one of the most repetitive, headache prone instrumentals ever created. Dimples touch on the track certainly makes it listenable, and I for one, would be inclined to call it a “banger” and if not the best version made, is definitely in the top 5.


Track 16 drops, and after a wave of reflective songs, certainly makes you sit up. In my opinion, is one of, if not the best track on the album, the aggressive, violent nature of the track gives you Goosebumps after listening to it, and “Bad attitude” definitely deserves it rightful place on the album. His feel that attitude in the Grime scene is poor gives the impression that he is trying to prove to himself, that he is different to everybody else, and my god, he does just that.


Track 18 sees Dimples go in on the second version of the “96 bars of revenge” instrumental, he had a tough act to follow, as Scorcher recently released a very strong version to the track, but I think it is safe to say that Dimples version holds its own against Skywalkers’, if not bettering it. His flow suits the beat perfectly, Dimples states that if any MCs stand in his way they’ll get “ Kicked to the sideline”, again another statement I am sure he will be quick to prove if anybody does try.


Dimples album is a breath of fresh air to the Grime scene, after listening to Revolvers recent “The Return” mix tape, I thought and pondered if any solid Grime release could hold its own against it, but Dimples new album does that easily, and takes it to the next level, it would take something colossal to better. In my opinion Dimples is one of the MCs to watch for 2011, if he is able to drop something like this, he is likely to get better and if he does so, will easily be able to hold himself with some of the top names in the scene, if not able to already.


The album is immense, even amazing how on the outro he claims it is “nothing long” giving the impression he is able to excel more. If Carlsberg did albums, I am sure Dimples would certainly be a candidate.



Words By Matt Johnson.

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Remember Dimples – The Last Laugh 3 Is Out Now & Available To Buy From The Link Below