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Sox v Kozzie – The Interviews Explaining What Happened At LOTM3 + Sox Dub

Perhaps the largest talking point in grime right now are the Lord Of The Mics 3 battles, in particular the Kozzie v Sox clash that was supposed to go down in Jammers much lauded dungeon yet for reasons only known to Sox….didnt happen the way things were originally planned, with Kozzie claiming Sox choked and Sox claiming he simply forgot his bars (yet he had weeks to prepare, makes sense right?).

Both explain their side of events in the 2 interview videos we bring you today yet both conflict each other, who’s telling the truth is up to the grime masses to decide but I firmly know who I believe, I mean when you have weeks to prepare for a clash and then claim to have forgotten your bars it doesnt look good for you really does it?

Also as well as the interviews Sox firmly let Kozzie know exactly how he feels about him as a person and an mc in a new send for Kozzie ‘Compulsive Liar’ and regardless of what happened at the clash it’s a pretty good send to be fair, although slightly pointless when you take into account you had the chance to say it all in the dungeon yet didnt.

Anyway catch the interviews and send below!

Sox Interview

Kozzie’s Response

Sox – Compulsive Liar [Kozzie Send]




Merky Ace v J1 [Stayfresh] [Lord Of The Mics 3 Hype Sessions

Two grime crews, two members, 1 clash…that’s what were going to get at Lord Of The Mics 3 when Family Trees Merky Ace goes head to head with Stayfresh’ J1 in what is shaping up to be an instriguing clash.

The Hype Sessions from both dropped yesterday and to be honest these are the first Hype Sessions that have really got me gassed and this could possibly be the best clash of the lot as both show off exactly what to expect on sessions that contain sends galore, pars a plenty and just some straight up shower bars.

Merky Ace


Skits9 – Skitsophenia Vol 1 [Out Tomorrow, Free Download]

When it comes to rap and hip hop there isnt a lot that Skits9 hasnt done, infact he has done so much he has even merged the two genres and created his own sound which is known as ‘G Rap’.

Having honed his skills to perfection over the years Skits9 who is also known as Zeph to some has assembled a very healthy back catalogue boasting several mixtapes such as G Rap, A G Is Born and A Few Good Men as well as working with some of the biggest names in the UK urban scene, Chipmunk, Corey Johnson, Lewi White and many many more.

Like the releases that have gone beforehand Skits has managed to reinvent his truthful and thought provoking rap lyrics and released two hit singles ‘Oh’ and ‘One Day’ that have both been earning major airplay on radio and in the clubs and both feature on his brand new free download EP titled ‘Skitsophenia Vol 1’ which is out tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st.

Skitsophenia Vol 1 is 5 tracks deep full of genuine bangers such as One Day, Oh and my personal favourite Fire, full of his skippy and invigorating flow over some very solid instrumentals.

Skits 9 is a veteran from North London who has all the ability in the world and is massively under-rated and he’s about to change all that with the release of Skitsophenia.

So keep your eyes peeled to MindOfGrime for the download link tomorrow!!!!


Werewolf – The Mutation

West Londons finest Werewolf is back with yet another EP and yet again it’s for free download, and it is essentially and EP of tracks that Werewolf has remixed and added his own touch to titled ‘The Mutation’ some of the biggest tracks from the past 18 months get the Wolf touch such as Lethal B’s Pow 2011, Dizzee Rascals Heavy and Rick Ross’ BMF, there are 11 tracks on the release and it’s one we all need to download…so get clicking the link below.

Download The Mutation From The Link Below

Avalanch – NorthFilm Tv Freestyle [Loonatic Production]

Northfilm Tv recently caught up with North London based Grime mc Avalanch where he spat a massive freestyle over a Loonatic production, the beat seems to suit Avalanchs style to perfection as he effortlessly flows over the Loonatic production and drops some sick bars that you can expect to hear on the forthcoming mixtape from Avalanch titled ‘The Recovery Position out on april 29th, listen and watch below.


Shivz Dotz – From me To You [Mixtape Cover]

Young East London based Mc Shivz Dotz has been hard at work working on his forthcoming mixtape titled ‘From Me To You’, no tracklisting as of yet but today he dropped the cover for the release which you can see above, look out for this one coming soon.

Wiley – Yo Riley [Radio Rip]

Im just gonna put this out there, I wasnt impressed with Wileys output in 2010 the odd banger aside ‘Joombi’ ‘Radio Kid’ and ‘It’s Wiley’ notably, that isnt to take anything away from Wileys status as the Godfather of grime or looking down on anything he has done for the scene, I just felt as if his music lacked that Wiley edge, putting that aside 2011 has seen Wiley drop 2 massive tracks, firstly his version of Skeptas ‘Mike Lowery’ and now this brand new one entitled ‘Yo Riley’, simply put this track is one ive been skanking to for the past 3 days and one that has been getting constant wheels, In my opinion this is Wiley almost at his best but dont take my word for it, listen below and judge for yourself.