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Leeman – The Freestyles [Promo Release]

I am pleased to be able to present to you the first release from an artist I recently took up management of Leeman, the release is simply titled ‘The Freestyles’ and is exactly what it says on the tin, a collection of freestyles from an artist ive been rating for some time now.

10 freestyles deep 23 year old North Londoner Leeman fully shows off his bars and flow as he takes us on a musical journey, kicking things off in style with a very impressive link-up with Robstarr on the track ‘Luvin Rap’ the release starts off on the right foot and doesnt take the foot of the pedal as further bangers ‘Seductive Freestyle’ the massive link-up with Nico Lindsay ‘Blast To The Past’ and Hardest Out ensure the listeners attention is grabbed from the get go and impossible to break as it’s a release you simply can’t ignore.

This is just a promo to show you Leemans levels, but there will be a lot more coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and fully expect big things for Leeman in 2011 because he’s arriving and arriving in a big way.


1.Leeman ft Robstarr – Luvin Rap
2.Leeman – Seductive Freestyle
3.Leeman ft Nico Lindsay – Blast To The Past
4.Leeman – Quickfire
5.Leeman – New Coke
6.Leeman – Soka 1
7.Leeman – Hardest Out
8.Leeman – Love Music
9.Leeman ft Era – Slaughterhouse
10.Leeman – True Stories

Download Leeman – The Freestyles From The Link Below


Dimples – Bloodclart [Prod By Flava D]

Dimples sent me over his brand new track entitled ‘Bloodclart’ today which is produced by Flava D and it’s simply put a pure banger, been a fan of Dimples from early and  in my opinion he is one of the grime scenes unsung stars, The Last Laugh Volumes 1 & 2 are two of the best releases to come from the scene and the Last Laugh Vol 3 promises to be even better and now to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more you can listen to Bloodclart below.



SB Warm Up Sessions – Wolf

West Londons grime scene legend Wolf aka Werewolf is the latest to pass through and drop some bars in SBTVs series the ‘Warm Up Sessions’, for me Wolf has been away from the scene for too long, he has always been one of the best artists in grime whether he’s dropping banging tracks or sick instrumentals and the one time Hoodstars member shows time away from the mic hasn’t taken away any of his lyrical ability as he fully goes in on this freestyle, also dont forget Werewolfs release ‘Live From The Estate EP’ which is an instrumental release is available to buy now…listen below.

Lee Brasco – Traktor Freestyle

It seems as if Skeptas Mike Lowery isnt the only beat doing the rounds amongst grime emcees lately, the chart smash from Wretch32 ‘Traktor’ has also been getting itself some remixes, we’ve already seen Shivz Dotz, Messy and Little Dee as well as more already attack the beat and now BOW E3s and Ruff Sqwad affiliate Lee Brasco decides the beat needs his touch and he does a very solid job, he effortlessly flows over the beat and drops some very sick bars in the process, although not a patch on the original it’s still a very solid track from an artists who’s really impressing me of late, download below.

Download Lee Brasco – Traktor Freestyle From The Link Below

More1 – Less Talk More Action 2

After the success of the first volume of Less Talk More Action which earned him rave reviews from fans and fellow emcees alike West London based emcee More1 recently dropped volume 2 of the mixtape series and this one is a step-up in class, More1 fully shows off his confidence on the mic as tracks such as Dead Set, Closer and Worst Fears Confirmed engage the listener and have you making gun fingers at your pc as More1 impresses with both the bars and flow, it’s hard to stop listening as each track is a genuine banger and act as much more than fillers, More1 has enlisted features from some of his talented friends such as Rebel, Kay Mizan, Robin and Soun’wave aswell as productions from Flava D, Tru Omega, Cee Major and Soun’wave and Chillz and many more, this is a very promising release from a very promising mc and for free download More1 is spoiling us, download below.

Download From The Link Below

Listen to this mixtape here

N.A.T – Hustle [Prod By Jon E Cash]

N.A.T aka Natzta from Nottingham is a talented mc/producer who has been impressing me ever since I heard his Year Of The NAT vol 1 promo, volume 2 also recently dropped and now we’re a few days away from volume 3 and in the build-up to what promises to be a sick release N.A.T sent me this brand new vocal entitled Hustle which is produced by the legend that is Jon E Cash, N.A.T is perhaps more known for being a producer having dropped many instrumentals over the years but this track sees him turn his hand to vocalling and he does it big, yet another solid track from an artist im rating highly, listen and download below.

Download From The Link Below

Avalanch ft Darkz They Don’t Know Yet [Prod By Exo Remedy & Bouncer]

I recently teamed up with Avalanch on a forthcoming project entitled ‘The Recovery Position’ which is a mixtape due for release mid-march, it’s not a presenting thing, ive actually put the work in on this release, collecting beats, studio, organizing features, promo etc and so far we’ve put together a very sick release.

You can expect productions from Exo Remedy, Krimson, Relentless, Splurt, Loonatic and more plus features from Darkz, Marger, Merky Ace, Kwam, Nico Lindsay, MIK and more (some subject to change) and here’s one of the tracks from the release, titled ‘They Dont Know Yet’ produced by Exo Remedy and Bouncer and featuring Darkz.