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Logan Sama Radio Rips [29/08/2011] [New Tracks From Riko Dan + Blacks & Lady Chann]

We always like to keep our MindOfGrimers upto speed with the new goings on in grime and today is no different as we bring you two massive new tracks that were given an airring on Logan Samas KissFm show late last night.

We have a new track from Marco Del Horno and Dj Swerve who teamed up on the Ho Riddim last year and they’re back with ‘Rewind’ which features OGs very own Blacks and Lady Chann who delivers a monster hook, secondly we have a track from Riko Dan and SNK titled ‘Run In A War’ which is taken from their forthcoming EP The WarFare EP out soon.



Sox Sends For Kozzie On Radio!!!!

Okay so just incase you’ve been living under a rock or sharing a meal with one of Bin Ladens cohorts in a cave somewhere you’d have heard all about the Kozzie v Sox clash that was supposed to happen on Lord Of The Mics 3 yet didnt and the apparent events that occurred in Jammers dungeon (where the clashes take place) during the clash where Sox quit, due to the fact were led to believe he forgot his bars….(im not saying this is what happened, just going by the hearsay).

Obviously the fall out from the situation has been raging for the past week or so now with many now frowning upon Sox and Kozzie letting his feelings be known via twitter, yet remaining somewhat dignified at the same time.

Im not one to point fingers and I wasnt there so I cant really say too much but if you look at things in the light of day there is one fact that cannot be over-looked and that is the fact Sox quit….maybe he had his reasons, maybe he was scared we wont know until the dvd drops but if the rumours that he forgot his bars are true then to be honest things arent looking too good for Sox and it makes his recent bars aimmed in Kozzies direction on radio somewhat void.

Now im not going to sit here and call Sox rubbish because to be fair to him it’s a very good send but if im being honest, it’s a pointless send, it’s akin to me backing out of a fight then calling my opponent out a few weeks later…POINTLESS…listen to the send below though and make your own mind up!


Stutta – Girls and Music Vol 2 [Free Download]

Apart from his version of the ZDot produced beat ‘Gangster’ alongside Roachee things have been a little quiet from Stutta in recent months but dont think the silence has been due to the fact that Stutta has eased up on the work rate because you’d be wrong, quite the opposite infact, the fact that we havent heard anything new from the one time DPower member is due to the fact that he’s been beavering away in his studio lacing vocals to productions from the likes of Flava D, Teddy, Dirty Danger & Rapid which all culminate in his brand new release ‘Girls And Music Vol 2’.

The mixtape is some ten tracks deep including a massive bonus track that features heavyweights such as Mercston, Ghetts and Tinchy Stryder and in case those three names werent enough Stutta has also drafted in female vocallist A.L as well as Wiley, Wrigley, Lioness, Fudaguy, Roachee and Lady Leshurr who all go in on tracks such as DPMO, Under The Weather, Kiss Me and the massive Driving Like A Criminal.

This is one all grime fans should grab so follow the link below and get download today absolutely free!!


1.Girls And Music [Prod By Swiftjay]

2.Yahoo 4 19 ft A.L [Prod By Dirty Danger & Rapid]

3.No Secret ft Fudaguy Lioness and Mercston [Prod By Flava D]

4.Under The Weather ft A.L, Mercston & Ghetts [Prod By Flava D]

5.Enough ft Seyi & Mercston [Prod By Marc Patrick]

6.Driving Like A Criminal ft Wiley, Ghetts, Wrigley & Rapid [Prod By Flava D]

7.Victory ft Ghetts, Lioness, Lady Leshurr, Roachee & Rapid [Prod By Flava D]

8.Fuck Me ft A.L [Prod By Flava D]

9.Kiss Me

10.Stutta & Roachee – Gangster Freestyle

Bonus Track

11.DPMO ft Mercston, Ghetts & Tinchy Stryder [Prod By Teddy]


Luie Da Don – Gangster [Prod By ZDot] [Free Download]

As if dropping the Luie Land EP during the week wasnt enough Luie Da Don formely known as Top Kat is the latest in a long line of top grime mcs to go in over the monster ZDot production ‘Gangster’ and he excels over the production, using the beat to drop some heavy bars backed up by his vicious flow and violent lyrics this is easily one of the better versions to date.

Download Luie Da Don – Gangster From The Link Below

Remember you can download Luie Da Don’s – Luie Land EP here for free:


Masro – Mind My Crep EP [Out September]

The second of our two releases that are dropping in september is the EP ‘Mind My Crep’ from up n coming producer/mc Masro on which he brings us his massive anthem ‘Mind My Crep’ as well as remixes from Dj Whitecoat, Dj Eastwood, A remix from himself and a massive vocal version by his fellow Money Muzik cohorts, Fumin, Natty and Luie Da Don formerly known as Top Kat.

Look out for the official press pack, release info and previews coming soon, for now take a look at the artwork, listen to the lead track below and just know this is going to be epic.

Avalanch – Everyone [Prod By SIN] [Out September]

Artist: Avalanch
Title: Everyone
Release Date: September
Producer: S.I.N.
Label: M.O.G. Productions
Available from: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify


At last, M.O.G. Productions are able to announce the release of Avalanch’s new single, Everyone.

The M.O.G. team are thrilled by the news and the potential it has to aid in the MC’s rising status in the turbulent underground scene.
Since being propelling into the Grime world’s consciousness with the Somebody Slap Me!mixtape series, Avalanch has gone on to become a continual threat to the fellow up-and-comers in the industry.

The North Londoner’s latest mixtape release, The Recovery Position,has earned him nods as one to look out for, too. Nestled within it, listeners will find one of the musician’s finest tracks to date – Everyone – which sums-up all that the artist stands for.

As the rest of the game scramble back to adjust to Grime’s old characteristics, Avalanch shows that some spitters never left it. The experienced MC may still be working his way up the ladder, but by detaching himself from the most highlighted action,, he’s been able to hone his craft as a lyricist and the gritty region of the genre, where he resides. No tracks prove this more than his latest single.

Everyone features Avalanch relentlessly battling the raucous production supplied to him by S.I.N., an Estonian beatsmith. On it, he fights conflicting  views of the scene. He prioritises by addressing the ‘big man’ fronting of some artists and his hopes that mellower personalities will disperse the tension clogging Grime up.

Avalanch has all areas covered and if he needs to show people how to get greezy,he’ll be giving out lessons for the rest of the year. Until then, use this track for reference purposes. For those who are reluctant delve into The Recovery Position, Avalanch offers the perfect incentive with Everyone.

Rival – Music Is My Life [Prod By Rude Kid] [Free Download]

Grind Games Rival returns with yet another free track for the fans in the shape of ‘Music Is My Life’ which is produced by former Alien Muzik cohort Rude Kid, this is a track that didnt make Rivals recent mixtape so follow the link below and get downloading free today!!

Download From The Link Below

Photography By Verena Stefanie (KidsOfGrime)