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Wiley – Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

Feeling a bit down this christmas??? Then listen to this brand new Wiley track ‘Cheer Up Its Christmas’ and as far as christmas songs go this easily matches the classics by Wham and Boney M, okay maybe not but it’s still a very catchy festive effort from the man they call the Godfather of Grime.



Defenders Ent presents “This Is UK Grime Vol 2” OUT 07/11/11







THIS IS UK GRIME VOL 1 was the first ever creditable/underground supported compilation to bring together the hottest grime mc’s on a two disc spectacular full of hard beats, real lyrics and catchy hooks. The compilation was a huge success and remained in the iTunes Hip-Hop/Grime top 100 chart for over 10 months.

VOL 2 is here with plans to do just the same, this time with a themed twist. Grime fans have a lot in store with two discs full of real GRIME, one Old School Classics and one New School Bangers!

Grime evolved out of the UK Garage scene at the start of the millennium and has steadily grown from a sound rooted in London’s East End into a movement fuelling the streets, airwaves, and clubs around the world. Many are unaware that most of the chart topping mainstream urban acts of today originated from Grime, first making their name grafting hard and collaborating with fellow artists on the underground scene before making the leap into the commercial arena. This compilation not only documents history but also gives listeners a taste of what’s new.

THIS IS UK GRIME VOL 2 has a carefully selected track listing featuring an abundance of mainstream acts including, TINIE TEMPAH, WRETCH 32, TINCHY STRYDER, WILEY, LETHAL BIZZLE, SKEPTA and CHIPMUNK alongside as the core of the hottest names currently making waves on the underground in 2011/12 such as P MONEY, KOZZIE, D DOUBLE E [DIRTY STANK], MARGER, and SCRUFIZZER to name just a few.

Both CD’s are far from one dimensional and truly document the growth and development of the scene, from the Old school to the New school CD. The blend of commercial and underground music, provides the listener with a key to the streets and is the only compilation you need to buy this year!

Wretch32 – Black and White [Pre-Order Now + Release Info]

Okay first things first I know Wretch isnt grime but lets not forget that he is arguably one of the better lyricists to ever grace our scene and to be honest, I rated him then and I rate him now.

After bringing to us massive mixtapes such as Learn From My Mixtape and Wretchrospective one time grime mc Wretch32 and has found mainstream success easy to come by and it was no surprise when the excellent Traktor scored him a top 10 hit, that was quickly followed up by another chart smashUnorthodox alongside Example and they are just two of the tracks that will feature on his brand new album ‘Blak and White’ which is out on the 21st august and available to pre-order from iTunes now.

The release is 17 tracks deep including the above mentioned anthems as well as the infectious ‘Dont Go’ alongside Josh Kumra and Im Not The Man which features Chipmunk and Angel.

Im eagerly anticipating this release and if you are too head over to iTunes and pre-order today and check out the info!!

Pre-Order From The Link Below

Wiley – Chill Out Zone & Create A Buzz Vol 1 [Release Info]

We have some news for you here regarding two forthcoming releases from the Godfather of grime himself ‘Wiley’ which are both due out very soon, infact the Create A Buzz Vol 1 mixtape which is the latest in a long line of collaborations between Dj Whoo Kid and UK based for want of a better word ‘Urban’ artists is due to land today (time unknown) although im sure it’s going have a more American hip hop vibe to it.

Secondly the next release from Wiley will be the more mainstream album ‘Chill Out Zone’ which we can bring you the cover and tracklist for here, Chill Out Zone will be released on July 17th through Elusive Entertainment, im looking forward to this one, there seems to be some monster tracks on the release such as ‘If I Could’ alongside Ed Sheeran which could well have been a top 10 hit, catch the tracklisting below and prepare to hear both releases very soon!!

Chill Out Zone Tracklisting:

1. Music Is Calling Me Ft. Meleka
2. If I Could Ft. Ed Sheeran
3. Seduction Ft. Alexa Goddard
4. Walk Away Ft. Sinead Harnett
5. But I Did..
6. Don’t Throw It Away
7. Romeo Ft. Cherri V
8. She Might Holla
9. Out The Box
10. Random Thoughts
11. New Discovery
12. Piano Cry
13. Pengting Ft. Opium
14. Born Into A Lie

Jendor – When It Rains It Storms [OUT NOW]

After hearing the mixtape from fellow OG’s buddies Blacks and P.Money in recent weeks the grandmaster that is Jendor decides the time is right to unleash his brand new album upon us which is titled ‘When It Rains It Storms’.

The album is some 21 tracks deep including tracks we’ve been hearing on various stations in recent months such as ‘100 Rhymes’ ‘When It Rains It Storms’ ‘Gutter Sound’ and the send for former Ogs member Dot Rotten ‘Rip Dot Rotten’.

Unsprisingly the album has features from his OGs cohorts Blacks, P.Money and Little Dee but there are also features from grime heavyweights Jammer and Trim as well as some lesser known names ‘Discreet’, ‘Randy Valentine’ and ‘Mimi Bohemez’.

I copped this this morning and it’s a very sick album, honestly can say there’s only 1 poor track with the rest all hitting the correct levels, there’s a nice mixture of features from well known names and lesser known artists and it works well.

This is a very well put together album from one of the grime scenes biggest mcs, and at 21 tracks deep it more than enough to keep grime fans happy, so head on over to Amazon and iTunes today and cop this album NOW!!!!

Look out for our full reiew coming soon.

Buy From The Link (s) Below

Chill Out Zone – Wiley (Artwork & Tracklist)

So a mere 24 hours after the release “100% Publishing”, Wiley has announced the line up for another project; this time entitled “Chill Out Zone”.  With a release date of 17th July and an upcoming mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid in the pipeline, despite my personal disappointments with his newest album, you can’t knock Eskiboy’s work-rate!

Track Listing

1. Music Is Calling Me – ft Meleka

2. If I Could – ft Ed Sheeran

3. Seduction – ft Alexa Goddard

4. Walk Away – ft Sinead Harnett

5. But I Did…

6. Don’t Throw It Away

7. Romeo – ft Cherri V

8. She Might Holla

9. Out The Box

10. Random Thoughts

11. New Discovery

12. Piano Cry

13. Pengting – ft Opium

14. Born Into A Lie


100% Publishing – Wiley (Review)

To give credit where it’s due, without Wiley’s pioneering in the early days we wouldn’t have the scene we all know and love today.  His innovation and experimentation with the sound maintains itself as the foundation of modern-day grime.  However, Eskiboy stills remains a somewhat complex character.  After establishing his trademark sound in the underground (along with a bizarre reputation for not turning up to scheduled appearances), he hit mainstream success with “Wearing My Rolex” and followed that up with the lackluster “See Clear Now” album, a project he openly slated himself.  After that, it became a question of how and when he would bounce back.

Last year’s dispute with his record label resulted in the free download of over 200 tracks in his “Zip Files”.  Amongst others, these contained the advanced stages of what was set to be his full album release on the label, “The Elusive”.  This featured his more recent chart successes “Never Be Your Woman” and “Take That”, along with some of his strongest work in a while culminating in what was my standout track, “What They Want” – an apparent statement of intent where Wiley declares he knows what the fans want to hear – grime!  Backed up with other releases in the months that followed, such as “The Radio Kid”, the Flava D produced “I Got The Vibe” and the release of “Offload Vol.1” earlier this year, it seemed that Eskiboy had finally returned to his winning formula.

With all of this in mind, “100% Publishing” comes as somewhat of a shock to the system.  As the album name suggests, this was meant to be Wiley’s pet project; he recorded, produced and mastered every track and more importantly, had the overriding say as to what made it on to the final tracklist.  This is echoed in a line from the hook of the title track when he says, “…I know some don’t care about the grime scene but I’m gonna ’til I die”.  Coupled with some big bars and signature Eskiboy sounding beat, if this had kicked off the album, you would have been forgiven for thinking that this was going to be his return to the forefront of the scene.

However, instead we are introduced to the new project with the almost amateur lines, “If I want an answer to my question I just type it into google/ the information age could lead me to my chicken noodles”.  For someone of Wiley’s calibre, this is certainly risky business.  Sadly, this isn’t the only occasion that Wiley’s offering is sub-par.  “Boom Boom Da Na” sees him completely flip Julius Fucik’s  oddly titled “Entry Of The Gladiators” (the classic circus music) to great effect.  With his delivery on fine form over an infectious beat, he almost ruins the track with the lazy singing/humming of the melody for the makeshift chorus.

Despite this, there are several highlights that salvage the album.  “Your Intuition” and “Up There” find Wiley at his most honest and open.  “Your Intuition” addresses his battle with his conscience and choices he made in the past that dented his musical progression.  Similarly, “Up There” focuses on his personal motivations and his determination to take him “…right up there with the best”.  “One Hit Wonder” and to some extent “To Be Continued” are the rare opportunities to catch a glimpse of Wiley at his energetic best.  Whilst neither of the beats are exactly the grimiest, both tracks offer a release for his bravado and somewhat aggressive tones.

Over the last few years, more and more people have started to suggest that Wiley is gradually becoming over-rated and not carrying the same relevance he held in his heyday.  Personally, I’m a big fan and I think that when he’s in his element, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone on his level.  However, his latest offering has come as a disappointment to me.  “100% Publishing” is a very experimental and eclectic release.  Whilst music fans will no doubt appreciate the sonic variety of the piece, the die-hard grime contingent and Wiley fan base won’t be embracing it with open arms.  With a reputation as big as his, alongside the quality of recent work, you would have expected something completely different or at least to carry a more grime led atmosphere from given his appointed status as ‘Godfather’ of the scene.

Despite my reservations, any new Wiley material should to be added to the collection so hit up and decide for yourself.