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iCon – Stick Around [Prod By Dot Rotten]

Having recently release the Kova Ish EP which is the EP before his mixtape iCon is back once again with a brand new banger, this time he’s showing off his lyrical talents over a Dot Rotten production with a freestyle entitled Stick Around,  and he does a very fine job of lacing the more than solid production with heavy bar after heavy bar, maximizing the full value of the beat with a vocal it deserved, iCon is a young emcee going places fast so keep your eyes peeled.


Beat Creatures – Creatopia Series 1 [Vocal Valley Vol 3]

Here we have the third volume of the Beat Creatures promo Creatopia Series subtitled Vocal Valley, it’s a promo 22 tracks deep featuring vocals from some of the biggest names in the grime scene over productions from various producers from the Beat Creatures camp.

Teeza, Darkos, Jimmy K, Renoe, TruOmega, Stylez Davis, Secaina, and Dj Impact are the Beat Creatures producers in action and the MCs vocalling read like a who’s who of the best current mcs, Voltage, Kwam, Nico Lindsay, Avalanch, Dream Mclean, Dot Rotten and Wretch32 are just a few of the names featuring and this promo should be a sure fire for all grime fans, download this absolutely free NOW!!.


01. Dream Mclean – Dead Set II The Fourth Kind (Prod. By TruOmega Of Beat Creatures)
02. Voltage ft. Dot Rotten, Double S & Maxsta – Currently In Charge (Remix) (Prod. By Renoe Of Beat Creatures)
03. Maxsta ft. Skarez – My Gift (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
04. Nico Lindsay, Avalanche & Kwam – Best in the Borough (Prod. By Darkos Of Beat Creatures)
05. Secaina ft. Courtney Bennett – Girl Like Me (Prod. By Secaina of Beat Creatures)
06. Maxsta ft. S-H – Wasteman Corner (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
07. S.Samuel – Big Danna, Danna (Prod. By Stylez Davis of Beat Creatures)
08. Lioness ft. Tanika – Jail Tales (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
09. Wreckz ft. Max Powers – Speak My Mind (Prod. By Stlez Davis Of Beat Creatures)
10. Dream Mclean – Stop Me (Prod. By Teeza of Beat Creatures)
11. Guv – Live & Direct (Prod. By Teeza of Beat Creatures)
12. Gage – Infadel (Prod. By Jimmy K Of Beat Creatures)
13. Kwam – Done It All Over Again (Prod. By Darkos Of Beat Creatures)
14. Setra – Kyle X (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
15. Skits The Artist ft. Voltage – Come Around (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
16. Dream Mclean ft. Menace of Brotherhood – Run (Prod. By TruOmega Of Beat Creatures)
17. Fugzi Malone – Mostman (Prod. By TruOmega of Beat Creatures)
18. Fugzi Malone – ShowBizz (Prod. By DJ Impact Of Beat Creatures)
19. Wreckz ft. D-Bo & Max Powers – Take Off (Dead Set II The Fourth Kind) (Prod. By TruOmega of Beat Creatures)
20. Dot Rotten – Woah Ouh Woah (Bonus) (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
21. Sway ft. Wretch 32 – Outkast (Bonus Snippet) (Prod. By Teeza Of Beat Creatures)
22. Esskay – Superman (Exclusive Bonus) (Prod. By TruOmega Of Beat Creatures)

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Jammz – I Am Grime

2010 has seen a whole new wave of young emcees starting to make their mark on the grime scene, right at the top of pile and leading the way is Jammz aka Jammski to some , a talented young emcee from London Jammz burst onto the scene with his free download What’s The Latest and now he’s back and back with a bang with the release of I Am Grime, and grime he certainly is, packing the release with 8 tracks of pure grime, The BMF Freestyle that earned him rave reviews, his massive take on the ZDot produced beat Dirty Date and Tiger Eye are all included, Skilzie features on the track Lying and there’s productions from the likes of Shemzy, Exo Remedy, ZDot, Syx and Jammz himself, dont miss out on this youngster who’s name will soon be amplified and download I Am Grime now, absolutely free.

Download I Am Grime From The Link Below—I-Am-Grime-EP-Oct-2010.rar/

Tinchy Stryder ft Taio Cruz – Second Chance

Tinchy Stryder is one of the grime scenes biggest success stories, from the early Ruff Sqwad days and talking about Tingz InBoots to scoring a massive number one with the track Number One, aswell as chart success with hits such as Never Leave You, You’re Not Alone and In My System Tinchys name is one of the biggest to ever come out of the grime scene, now he releases his brand new single fellow chart topper Taio Cruz entitled Second Chance, available to buy in a 4 track bundle from iTunes featuring the original, Tinchys F64 and 2 Future Freaks remixes all for the measly price of £2.49, bargain? you betcha…so get downloading now!!!!

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Wiley ft Giggs & Juelz Santana – Bright Lights [Prod By ZDot & Dan Dare]

It’s testament to the impact that grime is making that a still largely underground genre is gaining recognition across the ocean in the US, and im not just talking about a pair of american kids who stumbled across an 06 grime track on in American radio, no, im talking about recognition from the biggest stars in the American rap scene, we’ve already seen Skepta’s talent be enlisted by P.Diddy for the Hello, Good Morning remix and to a lesser grime extent Sways work with Akon and now we can add another UK/US link-up to the list, Wileys Bright Lights track gets a remix and this time he’s lassoed british rapper and US rap superstar Juelz Santana of Dipset fame for the remix, but what of the track? it kicks off with the more then catchy chorus from Wiley and moves on to Giggs verse and the tracks picks up pace from the off, Giggs goes in with his usual style and hard hitting bars, then Juelz Santana picks up the mantle and he fully decimates the track with the bars and unique flow that us fans of rap and Dipset are accustomed to, all in all I find this track better than the Hello, Good Morning remix, Zdot and Dan Dare did a great job on the productions, and it’s a quality advertisement for grime and UK rap in the US, long may it continue!!!


Introducing Greeno Media

Im always being approached by young up n coming MCs and without devaluing them the lesser established MCs asking me if I know any designers, I always point them in the direction of Alex Frances or my personal friend Mute, well Mute is no longer on designing and im sure Alex Frances is snowed under with  the amount of work he has so who else is there? Well allow me to point you in the direction of Ollie Green, more commonly know as Greeno Media to me and you, Greeno has been doing his thing since 2008 and is considered one of the brightest young designers in the business, already boasting a CV that includes designs for Big H (Street Crime UK) Ghettz (Calm Before The Storm) and Maxsta (The Maxtape) Greenos work has already caught the eye of management companies 360 Records and Defenders Entertainment.

To label Greeno Media as a designer who just designs album or mixtape covers would be an injustice, this multi-talented youngster has honed his talents to to a tee and is also be able to create designs for Twitter, Myspace, Personal artist websites, Logos, T-shirt designs and also print work, when you combine the talents with the friendly, approachable manner of the young designer you have a winning combination.

Greeno has natural ability, ambition, motivation and a genuine love for designing and this has been proven by his recent acquisition of contracted work for Defenders Ents, further proving this youngster has a bright future ahead of him, that should come as no surprise when you take into account the ability he has and what he’s already achieved in just a short amount of time.

The name Ollie Green and Greeno Media is going to only get bigger so my answer to the question I keep getting asked has changed, now when im asked who can do designs, I simply point them in the direction of Greeno Media.

The Album/Mixtape Artworks Above Are All Examples Of The Work Greeno Media does.

Vistit Greenos Site To See More Designs  From The Link Below


N.A.T (Black Ops) – Whats Going On Remix

We were wondering what happened to N.A.T, it’s been about a month since we heard something new from him, but upon awaking today I stumbled onto my twitter and found this massive beat from the Black Ops producer, His work-rate is phenomenol, pounding out beat after beat like he was an MMA fighter on a 10 and 0 streak, This new one is titled ‘What’s Going On Remix’ and it’s a banger, it’s beats like these that make me rate him so highly and he never fails to impress, keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground for Year Of The N.A.T Vol 2 out very soon.

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