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Marger ft Scrufizzer and No Lay – Goonz [Video Trailer]

The woman responsible for the Pow 2011 video Carly Cussen is at it again as she drops the trailer for the brand new video to accompany Margers track ‘Goonz’ on which he’s enlisted the talents of No Lay and Scrufizzer to feature.

Look out for the full video landing on monday, it looks epic and how good does No Lay look in a uniform??


Ed Sheeran — Lego House (remix) (feat. P Money)

Ogs finest P.Money is back with a brand new track this time the remix to the Ed Sheeran smash ‘Lego House’ that featured on his recent debult album ‘Plus’.

Money Muzik – Shuttle Muzik Vol 1 [New Updated Link]

The wait is finally over as today Fumin, Royal, Smokey, Natty, Masro and Luie Da Don collectively known as Money Muzik drop the eagerly anticipated ‘Shuttle Muzik Vol 1’ for free download.

Featuring a massive 17 tracks that sees each member of the crew showcase themselves Shuttle Muzik is a release that all grime fans should lap up.

As stated this release sees each member of the collective feature and it kicks off in good fashion with the Fumin, Natty and Smokey track ‘I Mean It’ with further bangers such as Luie Da Dons Gangster Freestyle which was produced by ZDot  and I Still Love You which again sees Fumin on the vocals this time joined by Masro and Royal all squeezed in before we hit the last track ‘Crud’ which is a massive instrumental from Masro.

Out of 17 tracks you would expect there to be one poor track but not with Shuttle Muzik, each of the 17 are straight fire and there’s a nice blend of tracks as well with none of the tracks being too samey or for want of a better word boring.

You get to see the full capabilities of each mc on the release with the veterans of Fumin, Royal and Luie Da Don formerly known as Top Kat in fine form and they’re backed up perfectly by the fast emerging talents of Natty, Masro and Smokey.

In summary it’s an excellent release, there’s a nice blend of tracks from all out grime to a slower pace and each mc brings their a games, this is simply a must download so follow the link below and make sure Shuttle Muzik is in your collection today!!!

Download From The Link Below

Little Dee – Spare Time Vol 2 [Free Download]

Ogs very own Little Dee is back with the second installment of his mixtape ‘Spare Change’ and his time he has gone bigger and better by dropping eleven massive tracks plus an intro that make this release almost impossible to not enjoy.

Obviously being a member of Ogs you can expect to hear features from his fellow crew buddy P.Money as well as Mr Blue, Steelo and Frisco as they go in on tracks such as O’s and G’s, Thinking Of Who and the very impressive All Time Low.

Not every track is grime but that’s because Little Dee is blessed with the ability to spit on other genres (mainly rap) it’s a very solid release by a very sick mc so get your downloading boots on and get this free today!!



DDark – The Quest [Official Video]

D Dark finally drops the long awaited video to his track ‘The Quest’ which featured on his debut mixtape release ‘Focused Reality’.

The track is all about D Darks music journey so far and it’s certainly creating a buzz among the scene.

Watch below.

You can download D Darks – Focused Reality mixtape from the link below.

Double A aka Glitch – Platform 4 [Best Of Double A Out 16/10/2011

Double A aka Glitch is set to drop his mixtape ‘Platform 4’ on the 16th October and will feature 40 of his biggest biggest and best productions from 2006 – 2010 and it’s looking pretty impressive with artists such as Chipmunk, Frisco and Marvell featuring.

Check the tracklist below and cover above and get ready!!

01. Intro
02. Chipmunk & Double S – Going On Sho (Unreleased Version)
03. Jendor – Grime Freestyle
04. Macksta, Double S, Vertex & Chipmunk – The Levels
05. Frisco & Double S – Freestyle
06. Tigger & Stickz – Full Time
07. Shocka – Hyper Frank Freestyle
08. Darkz – Keep Going
09. Tigger – Working Hard
10. Lady Leshurr – Love For The Streets
11. Maxsta & Chipmunk – Change
12. Tigger – The Author
13. That Man Fox, Romo & Manga (of rolldeep) – How We Do
14. Double S, Shocka & Chipmunk – Forums
15. Fantastic, Dribbla & Hydro – Where’s The Haters At
16. Vertex – SBTV F64 Freestyle
17. Frisco & Danny B – Pen & a Pad
18. Shocka & Double S – Land In The Game
19. Marvell – Still The Talk
20. Double S & Shocka – Don’t Violate
21. Vertex – Peice Of Me
22. Yellows & That Man Fox – Young Tug
23. Layzee & Cell22 – The Machine
24. Hizzle Guy – Zero Tolerence
25. Tigger & Dj Fingerz – If Any Chicks Around
26. L.O.N.Don Linch-man & Reskology – Press Her
27. Marvell & Naomi Olive – Baby That’s Ok
28. Pro2jay, Tigger Y. Jendor & Treater – I Don’t Need You
29. Double S & Shocka – Let You Know
30. Marvell – D.I.Y.
31. That Man Fox, Remdog & Slayer – Dream
32. D.A & Tigger – Just One Night
33. Dj Fingerz, E-Man & Tigger – Ravers
34. Marvell – Lemme Have A Go
35. Marvell & Lady Leshurr – Here We Go Again
36. E-Man – I Do The Damn Ting
37. Naomi Olive – Time Is Money
38. Amanda & Aleshea – Take Me There
39. Shocka & Vertex – No Rest
40. Masker – Freestyle

ZDot – Z Fire EP [Out 9/10/2011]

To many West Londons ZDot is the best producer in the scene having worked alongside many of not just the UK but the worlds finest and scoring himself the accolades of ‘Best Producer Of 2010’ at the OMAs and the tag of ‘The Godfather Of Grime’ from Wiley himself.

As well as being part of The Elite production crew ZDot is arguably the hardest worker in grime having dropped release after release such as the very impressive Gangster EP, Route To Success and Work Rate Pro Vol 1 and he’s set to continue the good work with the realease of ‘Z Fire EP’ which lands digitally worldwide on the 9th October.

If there’s one thing you can expect from ZDot that is bangers and Z Fire EP contains plenty, check the sampler below and look out for this monster landing soon!!