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Marsta Menzz – Housekeeping EP [Release Info]

After dropping the very impressive mixtape ‘The Butterfly Effect’ earlier in the year to high acclaim talented 16 year old North London based mc Marsta Menzz is back to set the scene alight once more, this time in the shape of an EP titled ‘Housekeeping’ which sees Menzz team up with highly rated young producer on the up ‘Chillz’

At 4 tracks and a bonus instrumental deep the EP promises to be a short yet intriguing EP that Menzz will use to showcase his natural ability with bars over some of Chillz’ finest productions to date.

Below is the tracklisting and above is the artwork, so keep your eyes peeled for Marsta Menzz ‘Housekeeping EP’ landing very soon!



Sincere – Aint Nobody Like You

Ain’t Nobody Like You’ is the first single taken from Sincere’s upcoming ‘Now Or Never’ EP which features number one artist Wretch 32 and singer Daley. With the video still picking up views and receiving tweets from the likes of Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk and Yasmin the online support has been overwhelming.

The single (produced by Kidbass) is set to be released on November 28th 2011 via Young Entrepreneurs.

Having just finished supporting Wretch 32 on tour and launching the very successful XYE clothing Sincere has been moved up to the Kiss 100 playlist and moved up to B list on the 1Xtra playlist. With Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe describing the track as “something fresh in the dubstep department… an absolute banger” along with massive support from the likes of Fearne Cotton and MistaJam on Radio 1 and DJ Swerve on Kiss 100. Sincere’s warm-up single (although independent) has taken over the radio and with Channel AKA, MTV Base, BOX TV and Kiss TV playlists it seems he has taken over your TV screens too!

Sincere is gearing up to the release of his debut album ‘Yours Sincerely’ in 2012.

Pre-Order From The Link Below

Masro – Mind My Crep EP Out Digitally 8/11/11

Artist: Masro

Title: Mind My Crep EP

Release Date: 8th November 2011

Available from: iTunes, Amazon

Label: M.O.G. Recordings

The latest of 2011’s string of M.O.G. Recordings releases comes courtesy of Masro. The producer and MC has garnered a modest degree of interest once an instrumental, entitled “Mind My Crep”, surfaced earlier in the year. Since then, the Money Muzik artist has made it his mission to juice it for all its worth, via a range of remixes. Now equipped with assistance from some of the UK’s most revered producers, he’s compiled an EP to squeeze out all that it has to give.

Built around warped synth, “Mind My Crep” is an instrumental which speaks for itself. The track’s multi-layered sound produces volumes of character, as it stretches across the length of nearly four minutes, without running dry of energy. Thereafter, a further three versions offer DJ Whitecoat, B Major and DJ Eastwood the opportunity to pull it in every direction. For the aforementioned versions, Funky is the primary influence on Whitecoat’s, spluttery Grime drives Major’s and a mix bag of Electronica makes Eastwood’s rendition stand strong.

While each of the additional producers put a unique spin on the tensely-grimy beat which Masro supplied, it couldn’t be left at that. On top of “Mind My Crep” and its bag of remixes, a bonus instrumental – “Mind My Crep Again” – features as an additional giveaway for those who’ve been waiting on this EP for a while. It can be described as a jazzed-up remake of the original, and puts the finishing touch to a release designed to spark up more interest for what Masro’s capable of. Just wait for what’s to follow in 2012.

“Mind My Crep” out 8th November.


1.Mind My Crep [Prod By Masro]
2.Mind My Crep [Dj Whitecoat Bongo Remix]
3.Mind My Crep [B Major Remix]
4.Mind My Crep [Dj Eastwood Remix]
5.Mind My Crep Again [Prod By Masro]

Previews Here:…0236391&sr=8-1

Wiley – Only You Freestyle [Free Download]

It would appear that Wiley is up to old his tricks again and once more he brings us a free download, this time it’s in the shape of a freestyle titled ‘Only You’

You know what to do!


MindOfGrime Presents: Now That’s What I Call Grime Vol 1 [Featuring 40 Mcs/Out Mid November]

MindOfGrimes brand new project ‘Now That’s What I Call Grime Vol 1’ lands in November in both digital and physical formats and here’s a little info on the release of all releases.

Now That’s What I Call Grime Vol 1 is a double disc mixtape that will contain 40 tracks from 40 grime artists all going in on monster tracks from the genre we love.

All tracks featured are as of yet ‘unheard’ so you dont have to put up with a cd full of tracks that you have heard being rinsed on youtube or radio for the best part of a year and trust me…..THEY ARE PURE FIRE.

Youtube Ad and press pack will land soon and there will be more info given out soon but for now peak the front cover above and the line-up so far below and look out for this one coming soon, it’s going to be EPIC!!!!!

Mcs That Will Feature:

Merky Ace
No Lay
Ozzie B
Nasty Jack
Big Narstie
Nico Lindsay
Lil Nasty
Durrty Skanx
Flirta D
Clipson fka Clipper



Dj Blizzard Presents Rise n Grime Vol 1 [Free Download]

We know all about those mcs who garner huge reactions what ever they do and where ever they go but what about those who dont get the radio play or the promotion of the bigger names? Well Birmingham based dj Dj Blizzard is on a mission to help those mcs who we may not hear much from due to a lack of radio play and he’s doing that by launching his new series of cds which he is titling ‘Rise n Grime’ and were pleased to be able to bring you volume one for free download today.

Featuring seventeen massive tracks from mcs repping all corners of England from London to Manchester to Birmingham Rise n Grime Vol 1 kicks the series off in excellent fashion.

From the very first track Stormers version of the Rude Kid produced beat Cotton Buds to the last SP’s On Dis Ting the mixtape keeps the listener entertained, further bangers from lesser heard mcs such as Sox, Hypes and Jaykae feature and it’s one for all fans of grime so you know what to do, get downloading free today!!

Download Link –


MOG Meets Rival [Discuss Lord Rivz, His Plans For Grind Game & Twitter]

It doesnt seem that long ago since I interviewed Rival last but so much has happened in a short amount of time (Lord Of The Mics etc) I had to interview Rival again and get his side of things…below is how our conversation went:


The last time I interviewed Rival he was just about to drop the epic Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix and now just a few short months later he is about to drop yet another release this time in the shape of his mixtape ‘Lord Rivz’ with info scarce I pressed Rival on some details and he was quick to share.

“Lord Rivz will be a mixtape that will contain the track Talk That which is produced by Skeamz, there will also be the track Charlie Sheen which I had to put on there as it created such a buzz and that is produced by Flava D, as well as Flava D & Skeamz you can expect producers on there such as Rude Kid, Vilex and more and the thing is with these producers I didnt just ask for a beat, I reached out to them, I had ideas for the sound I wanted and asked them if they could make a beat with those specifics and they blessed me, I can honestly say Lord Rivz has some banging productions.

But what kind of sound can we expect? Rival explains

Lord Rivz it’s just another stage of my journey before I drop my album Constructive Violence, obviously I cant just drop an album, I have to show people what im about.

With Return Of The Rivz I came into the game so angry and hungry which you could probably hear but i’ve progressed with every release. Lord Rivz will show that, the tunes may be slightly different but im grime man.

Lord Rivz will be a retail release, I feel ive given the fans a lot of free music with the Jus Rival series, freestyles, Biscuits and more there will also be a lot of visuals landing for the release so look out for them.

The mention of visuals led me to ask Rival whether he feels visuals are important and he responded.

“Yeah definately, they tell the tale of the track in visual form, before I was just putting out tracks without that many visuals which was a mistake on my part so with Lord Rivz im going to be dropping a number of videos so look out for those landing soon.

The mention of the Jus Rival series earlier in the interview had me pondering if he plans to drop any more soon.

“Definately, I already have six planned for the first series and will be asking the fans which beat they would like me to go in over soon.

The thing is I didnt really expect Jus Rival to do that well, it was just a case of putting myself a bit more out there by asking fans which oldskool beat they’d like me to spit over but I got such a good response I have to do it for the fans.

Rival certainly seems to b a busy man so I asked him what does he do outside of grime to relax, Rival explains.

“Im just a normal person really, I listen to music, I jam with mates, watch movies, I eat biscuits *laughs* to be honest with you im a smoker so I dont have the energy to kick ball and stuff.

With me firmly put in my place I then moved the interview back to music and asked Rival what plans does he have beyond Lord Rivz and Constructive Violence, something he seemed a little cagey to share.

“*Laughs* without going into too much information let’s just say I have my 2012 work in the pipeline, half of it is already done *laughs*

Rival seems to have everything going to plan so I pushed him on his Grind Game cohorts (Skeamz, Nytz, Vilex)  and asked can we expect any releases from them any time soon.

“Yep, Skeamz is working on his Behind The Skeamz, Vilex is working and Nytz is doing his thing, they are all working hard.

Also I dont want to go into too much detail again but there will be a Grind Game Documentary about the evolution of grime soon, I wont say too much but a documentary is coming.

Throughout the whole interview I kept getting the distinctive feeling Rival doesnt really know how highly rated he is, I pressed him on this.

“I never really expected the fans to show me that much love to be honest with you, Im jus rival *laughs* I do it for the fans really, i’m like them, I hope I make music they can relate to but no, I never really expected people to want to hear what Rival has to say.

Rival certainly makes music I can relate to, but who makes music Rival relates to in grime? Something he was quick to answer.

“Even though im an mc im a fan of grime, I chck the grime forum, mindofgrime, rwd mag and other sites regarding grime all the time, I always look out for new talent, of course there is the older generation, the wileys etc but more often than not I listen to the up n comers, I cant really say I have a favourite or a top three, I just listen to everyone and what I think is good.

With the mention of the older generation I was curious to find out if Rival feels being compared to the mcs of yesterday is sometimes an unfair comparision, something he had no issue answering.

“Were always going to be compared to the likes of Chipmunk etc but me personally and im sure its the same for the rest we do our thing, I honestly think were every bit as talented as they were/are, I dont find being compared to them unfair it’s a good thing as it shows our levels.

Another thing the mcs of yesteryear didnt have at their exposal was twitter, I want to get the mcs opinion on whether twitter is a good or bad thing and Rival was quick to share his views.

“Twitter is a really good thing, obviously you do get caught up in the moment sometimes and get involved in stupid arguements but when you take 10 mins out and get back to normality twitter can be of a huge benefit to an mc.

It makes connecting with fans easier, networking with mcs and allows you to promote yourself, a fair percentage of sales from Return Of The Rivz came from twitter so yeah it’s definately a good thing when used correctly.

Phone issues led me to cut the interview short at this point but I more then got enough from Rival, I always leave a conversation with Rival that little bit more educated and today was no different, he speaks so much sense that it’s hard to lose attention when talking to him.

Lord Rivz looks likely to be yet another banger from an mc who just cant do no wrong and im sure like me all grime fans eagerly anticipate it’s arrival, below is the official video to Rivals track ‘Talk That’ which was mentioned during the interview and will feature on the Lord Rivz mixtape, it is produced by Skeamz.

Big up Rival each and every time and look out for Lord Rivz and many more videos landing soon!!