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Macca – Change [Free Download]

MindOfGrime is a grime blog, we eat, sleep and drink grime but every so often we get linked to a ‘hip hop’ tune that we really feel and today is one of those days

After seeing Stayfresh’ Macca post the link to his new track ‘Change’ we decided to give it a listen and are we glad we did, this track is something else, it is deep and meaningful with Macca talking about situations that have happened to him over the years over a very sombre production.

This track seems to be one that is personal to Macca, as he recites his lyrics you can almost hear the emotions in him, it’s a quality track and you can grab it today for free download (follow the soundcloud for download)



Kano – Blue Sky [Free Download] *Hip Hop*

Thursday of last week saw Kano join Redbull on the London eye where he performed a small concert to a number of fans for an hour and if that wasnt enough to keep the fans happy he now drops this massive new freestyle over the Common smash ‘Blue Sky’ which you can download free below.



Little Dee – Spare Time Vol 2 [Free Download]

Ogs very own Little Dee is back with the second installment of his mixtape ‘Spare Change’ and his time he has gone bigger and better by dropping eleven massive tracks plus an intro that make this release almost impossible to not enjoy.

Obviously being a member of Ogs you can expect to hear features from his fellow crew buddy P.Money as well as Mr Blue, Steelo and Frisco as they go in on tracks such as O’s and G’s, Thinking Of Who and the very impressive All Time Low.

Not every track is grime but that’s because Little Dee is blessed with the ability to spit on other genres (mainly rap) it’s a very solid release by a very sick mc so get your downloading boots on and get this free today!!



Nico Lindsay – Haunted Freestyle [Prod By S-X] [Free Download]

Since he dropped the On My Mind release alongside Essex based producer Exo Remedy things have been a little bit quiet from Nico Lindsay but that all ends today as he drops this brand new freestyle ‘Haunted’ on which he goes in over an S-X producky.

Without sounding disrespectful to anyone else in the scene Nico Lindsay shows us exactly why he’s one of the best in the scene as he effortlessly drops lyrics over a somewhat haunted production (very apt title right?) but it’s Nico’s lyrical content that places him above so many, he doesnt just drop bars for the sake of it and none of it is just ‘Noise’ every Nico Lindsay track is well thought out, well delivered and more often than not a banger.

Follow The Soundcloud Link For Download

Bruts – Somebody [Out Now]

““We look forward to hearing what he
comes with next…”MOBOS

20 year old Tashan Ayre is Bruts formally known as Brutal, a rapper and singer who also has production skills.

Bruts was born and raised in East London in the early 90’s. Artists such as Jay-Z, Erykah Badu and Ryan Leslie were prominent influences, whilst Bruts developed his own love for music. His journey began in 2006 at just 15 years old and he has never looked back since.

His vocal ability and talent prevailed early in the UK Grime scene. Bruts had the opportunity to work amongst some of the most established artists to date such as Chipmunk, Ghetts, Griminal, Wiley, Mercston and Scorcher.

Time away from the industry spotlight gave Bruts further development as much of which was spent in the studio. Through reflection and incorporating significant influences from life experiences, Bruts made the transition from Grime to Rap.

I just grew bored of the Grime Scene really; my heart wasn‟t in it any more‟. – Bruts

Bruts boasts a versatile catalogue, mixtapes such as ‘School Days’ and ‘Welcome to The Strip’ were well received.

October 2010, saw much talk about his rap crossover, a response to those who questioned his musical ability, some thought he had quit music all together.

Bruts released ‘Hell Yeah I’m Here’ (HYIH) a statement to his critics. A second version of ‘Hell Yeah I’m Here’ (HYIH2) was released shortly after in which he showed more of an experimental side and singles.‘Somebody ’(12 tracks) is available digitally 05.09.11. It can be best described as „Real life memoirs complimented by sound track, after sound track to fit each song‟.

The single ‘One Day’ was released to set the pace before the eagerly awaited EP release in which Bruts takes listeners behind the camera with a thought provoking storyline.

‘Time to go’ and ‘My Destiny’ are based with strong messages and in ‘My Babe’ Bruts wears his heart on his sleeve with a heartfelt song that describes how his feelings developed for a girl without him even being aware.

Overall the ‘Somebody EP’ has strong production equipped with catchy hooks, it is accompanied by lyrics that contain metaphors, honesty, intellect and wit in which makes listening effortless.

Somebody EP
1.Time to Go
2. I‟m Official
3. I will
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Salute Me
6. Best in the World
7. One Day
8. Crazy Life
9. This Aint a Love song
10. Change
11. My Destiny
12. My Babe

You can buy Bruts – Somebody From The Link Below

Nico Lindsay – Currently Thinking [Official Video]

Everybody who knows us here at MindOfGrime knows Nico Lindsay is one of our favourite artists, whether he’s dropping huge freestyles, tearing up radio sets or dropping new tracks Nico Lindsay epitomises what a talented artist should be, turning his hand  to rap on this new one titled Currently Thinking Nico proves he’s just as comfortable on rap then he is on a grime beat as he attacks in the usual style & vigour we’ve become accustomed to from Nico over the past few months.

Conz, Swiftstar, Frantik & Loopz – Experiment EP Vol 2

The follow up project from the epic ‘Frantik VS Loopz: Experiment EP’ sees two new producers added to the roster, thefourthkind’s Conz and General Status’ Swiftstar. Hailing from North London across to West London, these four fresh, young producers present the Experiment EP Volume 2.

Coming together they each provide 3 instrumentals which combine to form 12 massive beats. Although all the instrumentals are Hip-Hop the styles involved all vary and hence create a wide range of fire to choose from. Conz and Swiftstar bring melodic orchestra influenced beats, this is shown tremendously in Swiftstars beat ‘One Chance’ and also bass driven move your head type of music such as Conz ‘Satilites Crispy’.

In contrast Frantik provides a grittier, street edge rap element. His instrumental ‘More Straps’ is a prime example. Hard hitting lyrics over this beat would equal an instant street anthem. Finally Loopz provides the soul in this EP. His instrumentals ‘Need Someone’ and ‘Snakes in the Grass’ capture the laid back summer atmosphere perfectly and send you drifting into the sweetest daydream. However his final instrumental ‘Blue Magic’ is a contrast to the others, more orchestra influenced, the piano dances in your ear. This could easily be a contender for the best beat on the project.

Artists download this CD there are plenty of quality instrumentals to choose from all at 320kbps perfect for vocalling. Producers download the CD n check out the new competition. Experiment EP Volume 3 is already in the works so contact the musicians involved for more info!

Download Link: