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3x New Dimples Productions

GFams Dimples isnt just blessed as an emcee he can also turn his hand to producing as he proves here by dropping 3 new instrumentals that he himself has produced, Olympics, Draft and Uno are the instrumentals in question and they’re very good, is there nothing Dimples cant do? Download all 3 and let me know what you think.

Download From The Links Below





Introducing ‘Aquablakk’

Not strictly speaking ‘grime’, however every once in a while MOG likes to showcase some new UK talent. Here we have Chesterfield’s ‘Aquablakk’

Aquablakk is made up of Vee(23), Mulleezy(21) and female singer Juelz(18). They have been creating music together since December 2008. Since then the trio have made a successful impact into the music industry, including performances alongside the likes of CHIPMUNK, RAS KWAME, DJ IRONIK, SKEPTA, NEYO, BLAZIN SQUAD etc. Their debut single “how ya like it” also reached number one in the UK independent music charts in Feb 2010.
They are now taking their music to the next level having found the unique niche through their latest song “RUN THIS”, which has debuted at no.2 on the well known CLUBDTV charts across the country.

Check out Aquablakk and their new single ‘Run This’:

Jammer – Intro [From Top Producer]

For reasons only known to Jammer himself he has decided to release tracks from his album ‘Top Producer‘ for free download and here is the first of many, it’s the Intro to the album and it’s typical Jammer, i’ll say no more and let you hear for yourself.

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MindOfGrime Meets Lippicool (The Beatboxer)


Today, we bringing you fans something totally new to our blog.. From the streets of Grime & Dubstep, we will introduce you.. Grime’s scene favourite and rated the best Beatboxer currently in the scene.. He has been everywhere, with every one, that is still holding tight on the scene, pushing it forward, he has been bringing heavy drops to the scene, making the sounds, sound more effective than ever.. His name, is Lippicool (Nimesh Jani) and today we at MOG spent some time with him and asked him some questions about his career so far, what are his future plans and what music means to him!!

MOG: So, Lippicool tells us more about you and introduce yourself to the people who don’t know you well yet.

Lippicool: Basically I am a Multi-vocalist beatbox sound making human being. I don’t think any other group of words would describe me as Lippicool any better. I have been performing for a long time, and on my journey have bumped into the right people who have pushed me to where i am today.

MOG: How did you first realise you could beatbox and what got you into music scene in the first place?

Lippicool: Well i didn’t like just wake up and realise i could make these sounds, I kinda gradually kept learning more and more sounds from a young age, now i guess i have a sound database in my head somewhere. ( No batteries needed)

MOG: Where did the name actually originate from?

Lippicool: I actually do not know, Im guessing it was due to my Lips being pretty cool! Get it? lol..

MOG: When you first started beat boxing, what was ur parents impression from the sounds that came out your mouth?

Lippicool: They didn’t know what to think at start, but when they started seeing me on TV and on radio and performing live they realised that its not just a mad hobby.

MOG: As we spoke earlier, you said you want to become also a lyrical artist and not just a beatboxer.. How do you reckon, you going to work this out?

Lippicool: Well ive only just started getting more into it, and recording tracks with my lyrics, my beat and my vocals – Full on one man band business!

MOG: If you do, take your career further as a lyrical artist, will you stop beat boxing, or sing and beatbox at the same time on same tune?

Lippicool: I will use all 3 musical styles and also I WILL NEVER STOP BEAT BOXING! Not till i die. 🙂

MOG: You also said to me, you want to go out into US and produce a song with Akon, as a singer or a beatboxer?

Lippicool: ahah I am highly unaware of when this will come about but i suppose u gotta have dreams, It would be as a beatboxer for sure.

MOG: 2010 its here, you think its going to be a big year for you?

Lippicool: Lets wait and see….

MOG: Who have you enjoyed working with in the past and would you most like to collab with at this stage? (Emcee or Producer wise)

Lippicool: I love working with all kinds of artists. But i guess i do love working with singers. I have been working with many for years now and Its now Mixtape/Album time so i want to choose which ones i want on the release. I guess working with singers is exciting as they are as versatile as me when it comes to the vocals so we kinda vibe off each other. MC wise its been a good few years as ive got footage performing with Kano, Skepta, D double e, Plan B, Ms Dynamite, JLS and more and have always worked with MCs as it seems more natural, as Beat-boxing is generally known as being more Hip-Hop/Grime based.

MOG: What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

Lippicool: Music on the spot, Freestyle Beatboxing with singers and instruments

MOG: How has your sound vocal evolved since you first began beatboxing?

Lippicool: My voice broke, and my vocal scratching sounds went from high pitched to WTF, so basically i just kept learning newer sounds. It has changed a lot from when i was 10 but i guess i change as genres become more popular.

MOG: Have you made any unique sounds, that makes you more advanced than any other beatboxer?

Lippicool: “My Car alarm” :-).. Theres a video on youtube of me describing this sound to Chris Moyles.

MOG: Who is your favourite beaboxer?

Lippicool: Rahzel

MOG: Finally we wanna say a huge thanks for the interview and all the best for you in the future, anyone you wanna shout out/big up?

Lippicool: All the people I’m working with at the moment and all the people who support me and come to pretty much all my shows, there’s too many names to mention but Jade Mcglen my manager and Drapes and Mischief who produce some bangers with me, my close peoples from Nottingham and Leeds!  AND ALL MY PEOPLE ROCKING “DON’T GET LIPPI” CLOTHING! And my MUM (Who is also rocking a tee)..

Here, we have a new freestyle by Lippicool with Ms. Dynamite..

And more videos by Lippicool..

YouTube: Lippicool

Take The Stage To South Africa With T. Stryder!!

Anton Ferdinand [The Player] and Tinchy Stryder [Our Favourite Star] are heading to South Africa for two weeks of the worlds biggest football tournament. And you could go with them as the voice of Nike Football on Facebook.

To be in with a chance of joining the team enter the competition here:

MindOfGrime Meets Elijah & Skilliam!!!

Okay firstly introduce yourself/selves to the people who may not have heard of Elijah & Skilliam yet. i.e name, ends and crew your repping (if u do)..

Skilliam: I was born by the name of “Skilliam”. My mother gave it to me at birth and said I was going to be a Grime DJ from then on in. I’m from the East London dungeon repping Butterz!

Elijah: I go by the name of “Elijah”, which is a secret acronym. I am also from East London, and I make the cups of tea at the Butterz HQ.

How did “Elijah & Skilliam” come about?

Elijah & Skilliam: Nothing planned, we just met at University, liked Grime, I had decks in my room, he used to come over for a mix from time to time, and its just gone a bit too far.

When did you first realize you could dj/mix and how did you break into the scene?

Skilliam: I started mixing quite a few years back in 2003/04 with MCs who I went to school with. They needed a DJ for radio and a few events so I bought decks, started buying records and taught myself how to mix. I’ve been in and out of the scene, now I’m back involved alongside Elijah.

Elijah: I wasn’t really DJ’ing properly until 2008, I bought records from time to time, of stuff I was really into I knew I would never get an MP3 of, and then started the blogspot on a Sunday afternoon listening to Rinse FM and then I just did that for about 18 months, then went full on with the DJing at the end of 2008 when we joined Rinse.

MOG: We’ve already seen you make big moves in the scene with your own label & radio slot but what do you have planned for 2010?

Skilliam: Keep Grime interesting and to build on what has already been started supporting the people who are focused in the scene.

Elijah: We don’t really have plans, things kind of just manifest themselves, but watch out for the Quality Street EP and the Air Bubble Remixes EP. That’s what is definitely coming out in the near future.

MOG: You seem to favour instrumentals over vocals, is there any main reason for this?

S: It’s not necessarily favouritism of instrumentals over vocals, it’s just how it has mapped out. As we always say, I think there are a lot more quality, accessible instrumentals floating around than there are quality vocals. Also I feel you have greater freedom to do what you want and you can experiment more with a beat.

E: Most MC’s don’t really send us tunes either, so we are kind of just playing what we get. I still feel they don’t vocal the best productions, so normally the ones we use in the sets are ones where we both enjoy the beat musically and the actual MC’ing.

MOG: How can fans get access to your mixes and where & when can we hear you on radio?

Elijah & Skilliam: has all the recent stuff, and we are on Rinse FM Thursdays 1-3am, or you can grab the podcast of their site.

MOG: You’ve obviously done alot for the scene and helped a few producers in their career but what producers do you really rate and why?

S: Currently I would say Royal-T. If you listen to the development of his music to where it is now, he is doing well. For instance 1up is no doubt a big tune. Compare it to one of his later beats such as his Air Bubble remix or Damn It and you can hear the progression. The music does the talking for itself.

E: We rate everyone that we play for different reasons but, its wicked to be on the journey with producers as they get more attention and develop their sound.

MOG: What has the reaction to your radio show & recent label been like?

S: The response has been wicked. Now we have a new radio slot, hopefully we can add some variety to it again to make it even more different and interesting such as guests, producer showcases and just organised chaos.

E: The labels been cool because on one hand we have people that want to buy Grime vinyl, but there’s none there supporting, and then people buying their first Grime purchases from us, so hopefully they wont forget about it in a a hurry.

MOG: I witnessed a debate on GF (GrimeForum) when a certain member said you play the same producers tunes, which I disagree with, what are your views on this?

E: He was saying that he didn’t like the kind of instrumentals we play, and for 9 pages couldn’t name a recent instrumental he likes that we don’t play. Even if we do play a lot of Swindle, Terror and SRC you have to remember we are playing reflective of what’s getting released alongside future stuff. They have a lot of material coming out, so I am keen to support their stuff. I don’t see the point in continuously playing people that arent taking the initiative to get their music out there,

MOG: What do you think of the scene presently? i.e is it thriving or dying and who do you rate as “pushing the scene forward” other than yourselves

S: Not thriving as such but it is definitely moving forward. More so than the last few years.There are a few who are taking step to push the scene. People such as JME most definitely. He is very consistent with his work and is adamant on keeping it Grime. Then there are labels such as Planet Mu who are willing to support and invest in the scene backing the producers, helping them to get their music out and heard on all formats. Plus all the other DJs doing their thing.So yes it is definitely moving in the right direction.

E: I rate P.Money & Blacks for doing loads of music suitable for clubs, not making ‘moist’ stuff and working the live circuit at the same time as putting out CDs and turning up to radio often. Then Skepta for doing the whole commercial independent thing, working extremely hard and still actively contributing to the Grime scene at the same time.

MOG: Is there a certain style of beats you prefer, like do you like the darker vibes or are you more of the laid back’ type?

S: For me, I don’t have that much of a preference. I like all kinds.  I like grime with energy that you can move to which is well made with something slyly catchy about it.

E: There’s space for everything, on radio you have 2 hours, so you can accommodate all styles in one show easy. I wouldn’t say I have a preference as too much of anything is bad.

MOG: What was it about grime/dubstep and other genres you play that made you decide to make a career out of it though?

S: It’s always been grime from the start. The beginnings were Grime, that’s what was and it’s going to be Grime until the end. Working with like-minded people, the enjoyment of playing it in the raves and on radio is a push.

E: I have only ever DJ’d Grime, and since I have started playing it I haven’t been motivated to DJ any other music. Grime is my favourite music by far.

MOG: How do you think the scene/music has evolved since you first heard up until this point?

S: I think Grime sounds a lot cleaner quality-wise nowadays. People say that is a bad point but I don’t agree. It’s just that the techniques and methods of production have improved.
However you still get music that was produced years ago that still sound good side by side with new music.
It’s not as it was before where it was all about crews. Everybody is doing their own thing but DJs MC’s and producers still manage to  come together to make things work.

MOG: Any other information you wanna share with us??

Elijah & Skilliam: Buy the releases, come to the raves and spread the music. Support the artists you like with your purchase!

MOG: Finally, thank you very much for the interview…  Give some big ups..

Elijah & Skilliam – ‘Obsessed’ – May 2010 Mix by Elijah & Skilliam

Elijah & Skilliam: Big up Terror Danjah, Swindle, SRC, Royal T, Mr Mitch, David Kelly and everyone that’s supporting.


Joker – Tron Vip (Kapsize)
D Double E – Woo Riddim (Butterz Special)
Src – Lemsip (Numbers)
Dizzee Rascal – Trapped (XL)
Mr Mitch – Skittles (Butterz)
Teddy – House Party (Underground Unit)
Swindle – Molly (Planet Mu)
Wiley – Jam Pie (Avalanche)
Rude Kid – Screwdriver (No Hats No Hoods)
Royal T – Damn It (Butterz Special)
Badness – Nightmare (Mensah Remix) (No Hats No Hoods)
Joker & Tc – It Ain’t Got A Name (Dub)
Newham Generals – Im A General (Dirtee Stank)
Teddy – Travelodge (Underground Unit)
Swindle – Aim Straight (Butterz)
Terror Danjah – Reinforced (Rwina)
Guido – You Do It Right (Punch Drunk)
Moony – Hot & Cold (Dub)
Terror Danjah – Space Traveller (Planet Mu)
Wonder – What Have You Done (Dumpvalve)

Another installment, something for your ipods and cars. We rarely put old school tunes in our mixes, because we always have so many good tracks to choose from but we both decided to include Wonder, Dizzee and Wiley tracks that we have been playing in our live sets recently. There are a couple of new names you may not have come across before in Mr Mitch & Moony, they are both sick, keep an ear out for them.

We have now started our new Rinse FM Show, Thursday nights, Friday mornings, 1-3am, lock in or grab the podcast.

I hope you enjoy it, please share it with your mates and thanks for listening

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Elijah & Skilliam

MindOfGrime Meets Rude Kid!!!

Rude Kid

Rude Kid

Today, we at Mind Of Grime caught up with our favourite producer “Rude Kid” for a quick chat about his career so far, future plans and what grime means to him.

MOG: So, Rude Kid tells us more about you and introduce yourself to the people who don’t know you well yet…

Age: 22

Currently repping ends: London

Label Record: Alien Muzik/No Hats No Hoods

MindOfGrime: Where did your name actually originate from?

Rude Kid: Asian.

MindOfGrime: How did you first realize you could produce and what got you into grime in the first place?

Rude Kid: I got a programme called Fruityloops and from there I fell in love with making music. I Use to always listen to more of the beats then lyrics when it came to hearing tunes anyway!

MOG: How old were you, when you first made your own beat and what did you use to make that beat?

RK: I think I made my first beat when I was 17 and it was made on fruityloops.

MOG: Are you still using the same software, that you first started using? If not, what are you currently using?

RK: Still using the same software, but a upgraded version of Fruityloops.

MOG: RK, tell us more about your coming album “Are You Ready?”.

RK: My album comes out May 10th nationwide, it’s a instrumental album with 14 tracks witch represents me and my sound.

MOG: Are you excited for “Are You Ready?” to hit the stores? In which stores are you selling it?

RK: Yeah man that’s been like a dream for me since I started making music to have a CD in the all the shops nationwide.. So I’m defiantly excited about this album coming out.

MOG: So far all your beats are extremely fire, congrats for that.. But are you working on a unique beat, that can move you up to a different level?

RK: Thanks bro. But yeah man, I’m always working on different music but I will never stop making grime, I want be known as a producer, not just as a “GRIME” producer. I think I’ve got a lot of hard music to last me for this year.. LOL! But that’s the reason I went a bit silent in 2009 cos I was stacking tunes so now in 2010 all of you can hear the new music and at the same time I’m working on other projects with singers.

MOG: What do you think is doing a lot on grime scene at this moment? (That’s keeping the grime scene alive)

RK: I think everyone has there own roles in grime.. Like the producers, MC’s, DJ’s, Bloggers even cameramen. All of these people are helping grime to stay alive. As long as people keep supporting the music and keep promoting it, I reckon it will be very big in the next year or 2!

MOG: What are your views on the grime scene at the moment (i.e is it blossoming or dying)? Why, and how could we fix the problems?

RK: I think Grime is still growing.. The genre is still very young so we need to give it time, but I think right now its doing well, alot of people are getting heard from doing grime which is good. The only way I think people can fix it is by supporting the music they enjoy.

MOG: Who in the Scene, do you have more respect for? (Emcee or Producer wise)

RK: I have respect for everyone who works hard in the scene and positive people. Producer wise I would say Big up Terror Danjah, Joker, Swindle, Silencer, Sukh Knight, General Tank, Mgene, i can go on forever, there’s bare names. There’s alot of new producers coming through now aswell which is good.. It’s the year of the producers trust me.

MOG: 2010 its here, you think its going to be a big year for you?

RK: Yeah man, I’ve got alot planned with the management, I hope and pray it’s going be a big year for me.

MOG: Who have you enjoyed working with in the past and would you most like to collaborate with at this stage? (Emcee or Producer wise)

RK: Producer wise, working with Terror Danjah was good, when we made “BEST CRAWLER (which is out now on my Jack Daniels EP).. The guy talks alot of sense… And Mc wise I’ve worked with so many good artists, it’s hard to answer. It’s has always been good working with Boy Better know though!

MOG: How do you hook up with MC’s, Who makes contact with who? What is the process?

RK: Nowadays everyting is done through internet. But i know most of the mc’s so i usually get a phone call if they want music. Or i will ring them if i got a beat for them.

MOG: What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

RK: Knowing people will go mad over the tune and getting played on radio and in raves. I just like seeing a beat grow especially if it’s made by me.

MOG: What is it about grime that makes it different from other genres?

RK: The amount of Energy in Grime is CRAZY!!!!

MOG: And How has your music evolved since you first began producing?

RK: I think I’ve grown up alot in music and started experimenting more with sounds.. Before I used to worry if people would like the tune I’m making or not.. But now I make what I like the sound of.

MOG: How can fans have access to you, your music that’s out now and/or future release?

RK: You can holla at me on twitter (@RudeKidMusic) or add RUDE KID MUSIC to your Facebooks to find out info about future releases.

MOG: What do you think about illegal downloads?

RK: I think it should stop. But it’s never gonna stop. It’s good for promotion but artist loose out on so much money they just stop doing music or that genre. Which is sad, but like I said it will never stop, I don’t think so anyway.

MOG: Finally we wanna say a huge thanks for the interview and all the best for you in the future Rude Kid, anyone you wanna shout out/big up?

RK: Big up everyone who supports and likes my music and remember ARE YOU READY?.. My instrumental album is out nationwide May10th.

Rude Kid - Are You Ready?

Rude Kid - Are You Ready?


01 – UFO Remix
02 – Are You Ready?
03 – Dentist
04 – Emergency
05 – Shark’s Back
06 – Jack Daniels
07 – Electric
08 – Aftershave
09 – Lush Remix
10 – Space Dance
11 – Winter
12 – Window Cleaner
13 – Leave Me Alone
14 – The Best

Rude Kid – Are You Ready? [PRE-ORDER HERE NOW]