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Mind Of Grime Meets Shrimpoz

Today we at Mind Of Grime caught up with highly rated 17yr old East London mc Shrimpoz for a quick chat about his career so far and all things grimey.

Name: Shrimpoz

Endz: East Ham, London

MOG: Big up Shrimpoz, how did you first realize you could MC and how did you break into the scene?

Shrimpoz : Like most normal youts really, growing up on an estate doing just what you could to get the most attention, and watching some of the kids spit in the school playground urged me to do it even more,  so it started from there really 04-05 times.

MOG: We’ve seen you in many videos & you’ve made a few radio appearances but what’s instore for Shrimpoz in 2010?

Shrimpoz: For 2010 im just looking to take over everything, and I might record a solo mixtape and another 1 with Maxsta, Stelf  and S-H

MOG: How can fans get access to your music?

Shrimpoz: Im still in the process of making music so I havent got anything to give out yet, But hopefully when the promos drop you can just download them, at the moment just add me on facebook search Shrimpoz Birdman Corleone & i’ll keep you updated on there.

MOG: What happened to the ‘Younger Mucky Wolfpack’?

Shrimpoz: Younger Mucky Wolfpack and Mucky Wolfpack joined together to form A.I.N (Age Is Nuffin) but at the moment everyone is working as solo artists, well that’s what I am doing for the moment.

MOG: We heard you on ‘Reporting The War’ alongside Maxsta & Stelf sending for Tiny, what’s the story on the beef, any updates?

Shrimpoz: There is no beef, that’s all I can say on the matter.

MOG: Ok Ok, Lately there’s been alot of major label interest in grime, as an artist do you think this is helping or hurting the scene?

Shrimpoz: It’s definately helped the scene and in a major way.

MOG: As a youngster in the scene is there anyone you look up to, and have they helped you and how?

Shrimpoz: I wouldnt say I look up to but I do rate alot of people, like Ghettz, Wiley, Griminal, Devlin & Dot Rotten etc as older artists.

There are also youngsters I rate like, Maxsta, Stelf, SH & Shizz etc, I could sit here and give you a never ending list, too many names, Also there are the people around me that are trying to help me, people like Griminal, Ghettz, Maxsta and a few others.

MOG: Alot of people ourselves included rate you as the best 17yr old but how do you see yourself musically? Are you the finished article or do you need work?

Shrimpoz: Thanks for that comment, because it just shows that my talent is paying off, I see myself as a person who likes to succed in everything I do so i’ll try and be the best possible at everything I do so I can reach my expectations, so however everyone else sees me it wouldnt change how I see myself.

MOG: Who are you feeling right now, in the grime scene or other genres?

Shrimpoz: Im feeling everyone in the grime scene,  mostly the names I mentioned earlier but I didnt mention Ice Kid. I think Ice Kid is phenomenal at what he does and because he is such a phenomenal talent it’s hard to look upto him.

MOG: Who would you most like to collab with on a tune, MC or Producer wise?

Shrimpoz: Again all the names I mentioned earlier.

Production wise I like Nocturnal and Silencer but obviously Maniac would get Holla’d at but he isnt on road.

MOG: What influences your bars?

Shrimpoz: Really, everything I do day to day and the beat most importantly.

MOG: What are your views on illegal downloads?

Shrimpoz: I think it’s absolutely bullshit.

MOG: Finally who’s winning, P.Money or Ghettz? *Laughs*

Shrimpoz: G!!!

MOG: Large up yourself for the interview, anyone you want to big up?

Shrimpoz: You mans and just Stelf, Maxsta & Griminal.

Keep your eyes open for a potential banging AKA video soon.


Frisco – She Said

North Londons finest export Frisco with a brand new track showcasing his talents, We rate the Boy Better Know member very highly and this track further proves why.

Download From Link Below

Tre Sosa ft Marvell & Young Nate – Not Right Remix

Massively Talented East London R&B/Pop singer Tre Sosa with his remix of his hit ‘Not Right’ featuring the Marvell collective & equally talented Young Nate.

Download Link Below

N.A.T [Black Ops] – Music Is My Life [Original Instrumental Mix]

Swear down, there’s not a producer we rate above this man at the moment, always guaranteed a banger when N.A.T drops something and this is no exception…another banging tune from N.A.T available to download from Mind Of Grime for free.
Download Link Below

Download N.A.T (Black Ops) – Music Is My Life (Original Instrumental Mix).mp3 from – s

Giggs – Whippin All Day

Some new heat from Giggs, don’t forget you can get his new single ‘Don’t Go There’ on iTunes now. Look out for Gigg’s new album Let Em Have It dropping this year.

Download From Link Below

Giggs – Whippin’ All Day

Bossman Static – Not From This World Vol 2 [Instrumentals]

Download From Link Below

Westwood Crib Sessions Parts 1 & 2 [Merky Ace & Friends]

Merky Ace, Kozzie, Desperado, Ego, TKO, Storma & Dj Spooky dropped by to let off some fire.

Part 1:

Download Audio From The Link Below

Part 2:

Download The Audio From The Link Below