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GtSolo – Numbers In Action Freestyle

After impressing us with 2010 release ‘Grinding Sessions’ and his freestyle on GrimeForum Volume One Gt Solo is back with yet another banger here in the shape of his freestyle over the Wiley track ‘Numbers In Action’ and it’s very impressive and available for free download.

Im a big fan of the production and GTSolo flows over it effortlessly and confidently, it makes a nice change to hear an mc coming with something other than ‘shank shank’ bars and GtSolo uses the production to bring us his own take on grime, it’s a very solid effort and and is further evidence of GtSolos growing confidence on the mic and in the scene.



Lewi White ft Devlin, Griminal, Ed Sheeran & Yasmin – Young Guns [Cover]

Another quick post here concerning Lewi White and this is for his forthcoming single ‘Young Guns’ that will feature Griminal, Devlin, Ed Sheeran and Yasmin and lands very soon, view the cover above.

Lewi White – Home Of The Great [Release Info]

Production genius Lew White is back with a brand new mixtape in the shape of ‘Home Of The Great’ which showcases his production ability to the fullest as he gets some massive vocals from some of the biggest names in the scene such as Devlin, Ghetts, Al Blaze, Mr Ranger and more on tracks like the catchy Jim Laden, Ghetts smash ‘Platoon’ and the Shookones freestyle.

From the very first track ‘Do My Thing’ the mixtape starts off on the right foot and further bangers such as ‘Jim Laden’ ‘Rebel Freestyle’ and ‘Seen On The Grind’ keep up the promising start but it’s from track 5 Al Blazes ‘Unbreakable’ where things really step-up, the production needs a monster vocal and Al Blaze effortlessly gives it one, every track from here on out is just simply massive with the Ghetts vocal ‘Platoon’ easily outshining the rest as the stand-out track on the release.

The release ends on a high with further tracks Make Yourself Proud, Money In My Life and the very catchy Shookones Freestyle and this is a mixtape sure to please all grime fans, it has a mixture of everything and there isnt one poor track on the release although obviously there are some that are stronger than the rest.

Lewi Whites Home Of The Great is available to buy from iTunes today for the measly sum of 5.99 so dont miss out, follow the link below and get copping today!!!

Buy from the link below:

MOG Meets Rival

Were pleased to be able to bring you our second interview of the week today, after catching up with Ego on Monday today we caught up with none other than Rival who is about to drop the most epic of 8 bar riddims in the shape of Lock Off The Rave which features a massive seventeen, yes seventeen mcs all dropping 8 bars of madness over a Darq E Freaker beat, but why seventeen mcs? why did Rival leave Alien Muzik and what’s the deal with Lord Of The Mics 3? Read below and find out!!!

One time dj and now one of the grime scenes biggest and angriest mcs Rival made a name for himself really by teaming up with Rude Kid and becoming part of the Alien Muzik collective, fast forward a few years and Rival has now decided to go it alone by cutting all ties with Alien Muzik, I wanted to know why and Rival was quick to answer.

‘Obviously there were certain situations and I did’nt want to be around certain people, it’s no secret that me and Marger had a thing or whatever but I just did’nt want to be stuck in a room with people I had problems with so yeah I just left the crew, there were no problems, im still cool with Rude Kid, he’ll be on the Lock Off The Rave EP and im cool with the rest as you can tell by Danny D and Kwam being on Lock Off The Rave, but it’s just a case of me making my own path right now’

Rivals on his own path and that path led him right to sixteen other mcs and Darq E Freaker as they all joined forces to bring us the Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix, but what can we expect from the track? Why 17 mcs and when can we buy? Rival explains

‘Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix is out on july 10th, you get the main instrumental by Darq E Freaker, A Rude Kid Lock Off The Rave Remix, obviously the main vocal and the original Lock Off The Rave over the Darq E Freaker beat

The original plan for the track was to have 20 mcs on there but obviously certain mcs took too long, which is how it is in music, some holla, some dont, you see with every release I put out I always go for that bix extra, I always go the extra mile, like if I do an EP I wont give them 5 tracks i’ll give them 10, so with the Darq E Freaker beat I didnt want people to say ‘Oh maybe he should have got this guy or that guy’ so I thought ‘You know what, let me holla at every mc possible’ see if they can do something.

Obviously there’s mcs ive been going to studio with or whatever so I was asking them to drop an 8 bar and slowly the track constructed itself, but the track was getting so much love from Logan etc so I thought okay, let me holler at more people’ people I normally wouldnt associate with and it seems to be taking off so far, there are obviously mcs we’d all like to hear on tracks but it’s difficult, but ive done what I can and im hoping it’ll get love in the clubs, raves and stuff like that.’

So with the original plan being 20 mcs on the track I wanted to know was it a case of politics why the other mcs didnt feature

‘I wouldnt say politics, what people need to realize is that in the grime scene not everyone knows everyone or I have no contact for that person’.

After hearing the Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix just 10 minutes before the interview I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of newer and veteran mcs on the track, I asked Rival was this planned or was that just how things panned out.

‘Yeah, I wanted to make people understand that just because I have an 8 bar remake that you’re just going to hear the same names, that is never the case, I grew up listening to certain mcs so there’s going to be a bunch of veterans and people I want to work with and rate, and when given the chance of couse im going to work with people like Darkboi, Diesle and Jammer, these people helped the scene grow.

The aim with Lock Off The Rave is to get new mcs, old mcs and my generation of mcs on the same track and im not going to lie, I am looking to go to number 1 in the iTunes charts’.

But Lock Off The Rave isnt the only release we’ll be hearing from Rival this year, he’s also working on a free download entitled ‘Biscuits’, what can we expect from the release and why the odd title?

‘Obviously anyone who sees me on twitter will know im a biscuit fan *laughs* and when I came up with the mixtape I thought ‘You know I dont have any names possible apart from that’ so I thought yeah why not, people will know that im just having fun with music really so I decided on the name biscuits and yeah each tune is something for the fans to digest *laughs

It’s 10 tunes deep, some of them people will have heard like my Take Off Freestyle which I was always going to do something with, it’s a release for my fans, there’s some grime tunes, some rap tunes, some freestyles and it’s just me giving them something while im working on my solo mixtape’.

But what about Return Of The Rivz 2?

‘The thing with Return Of The Rivz 2 is to say to my grime fans ‘yeah yeah here’s the sequel, here’s the violence’ whereas Constructive Violence has more of a concept to it, but im trying to aim for the original date of Return Of The Rivz which was halloween but I dont want to give them too much, like people will think ‘it’s too much Rival’ so im looking how the dates turn out first.

With all the talk of Return Of The Rivz I was wondering what Rivals thoughts were on the release and did he expect it to make the impact it did.

‘My aim was to open peoples eyes, and let them know a bit more about me as an mc, I always like to have that Wow impact, im happy the supporters supported it because I didnt expect it to do that well because there was problems with management etc and it was going to be a free download but when I heard about Bandcamp and people were still supporting it obviously it makes you happy’.

Releases aside we will also be hearing Rival on the forthcoming Lord Of The Mics and he took some time out to explain

‘The hype sessions was my message for Desperado *laughs* but I dont want people thinking im taking this clash to prove something because I actually dont, Desperado hasnt been relevant in grime for years, im taking the clash because Lord Of The Mics is something I grew up on so im happy to be on it, Lord Of The Mics is definately something I want to get into, To be a part of this now is a blessing’.

I then asked Rival as a youngster watching Lord Of The Mics did he ever envisage himself featuring.

Nah *laughs* I never pictured myself doing half the things I do now, but win or lose Lord Of The Mics will put me in a great position so course I want to be involved, I dont doubt i’ll win, obviously I have my confidence’.

After earlier discussing the fact he no longer sees himself a part of Alien Muzik and is now moving forward with Grind Game Ent I pushed Rival for details of Grind Game

‘Grind Game is basically a little thing I started up because some people in the scene are long, like if I needed something they wont holla back or they take too long so I started grind game, we work on production, producers like Nytz, Skeamz and Vylex, we design peoples covers Creative Minds on that, photography I have a guy called Mikey Lynch, yeah what were basically doing is a a media team.’

It sounded like a Take Over of sorts, something I was quick to Rival to which he replied

‘In the grime scene you need to realize that do I really want to be spitting violence when im 30? at some point you need to grow up and one day maybe im going to be like ‘You know what, I dont want to mc anymore’ and I like background work so it made sense, so im just hoping one day, maybe I can take it to another level’.

It seems like Rival is a lot more mature now then he was just last year, I asked Rival if this is how he sees hmself

‘Definately, I mature every year, every year im in the scene I grow more mature, obviously with age comes maturity and yeah im just growing as a person, it’s all about working hard.’

I then pushed Rival on why he works so hard

‘I work hard because you never know what’s going to happen, I might die, go jail or lose my voice so im just hoping to leave a legacy, like if I leave tomorrow I can look back and say you know what, look what ive left, look how many eps, cds ive left, i’ve just done so much work

When I first started my only accomplishment in grime was having a mixtape and now ive got a mixtape I feel comfortable so im going to keep working hard because when I look at people outside of Grime like say Lil Wayne and I was his Carter documentary the man sold a million records and was back in studio and so calm and kept working, and his drive you gotta respect that, so I look at people like that he’s not bothered about selling records he just cares about music, im not working hard to get somewhere, im working hard because I love music.

If I died tomorrow have I left my fans enough music to remember me? so I work hard for that.’

Finally we rounded up the interview with Rival sending some shout outs

‘I just want to big up my grind game, keep looking out for the projects not just from me but the whole team, big up yourself because you’ve been supporting me from early and big up the supporters!!


Throughout the whole interview I was kind of in shock at how knowledgable and well spoken Rival was, he came across confidently, assuringly and at the same time knew exactly what he wanted to say and how he wanted to say it and I for one was extremely impressed with him.

Remember Lock Off The Rave 8 Bar Remix is out on july 10th and will swiftly be followed by Biscuits and at some point in the near future Return Of The Rivz 2 and Contructive Violence.

The Problem’s Started – Kozzie (Review)


Its official people, the problem has well and truly started!  After gracing many a set and freestyle session over the past few months, Kozzie has finally dropped his eagerly anticipated full release, “The Problem’s Started”.  Weighing in at 12 tracks deep, the release has a lot to live up to as the artist is rapidly gaining the reputation as one of the faces of the future.

Kicking off proceedings, “Taking The Piss” sees Kozzie jumping on a somewhat arcade inspired Flava D production.  With a melody that would easily have been at home on an old school Nintendo cartridge, Kozzie’s flow perfectly complements the bouncy rhythm and sets a precedent for the rest of the album.

“Keep It Grime” is the statement track of the project.  With many artists attempting to branch out across genres in order to garner mainstream appeal, Kozzie declares “…won’t
sell my soul, I keep it grime”.  Over a heavy Faze Miyake beat, this is Kozzie in his element.  He delivers bold bars and only strengthens his resolve that whenever you hear him on a beat, you’re guaranteed 100% grime.

Featuring Merky Ace, “Back To Take What’s Mine” is an energetic affair. The two MC’s take turns to suggest why they are seen as two of the shining lights of the scene.  Similarly on the dubstep infused “Riding Out”, Kozzie easily glides over the beat and proves both his lyrical prowess and musical diversity.

Kozzie rounds off the release with one of the strongest tracks of the album, “My Life”.  Compared to the rest of the project, this is Kozzie at his most mellow and honest.  With Cylena Cymone on chorus duties, the Blue Borough MC gives us an insight into his life and the struggles he has dealt with en-route to where he is now. Similar to “Blue” from Blacks & P, it is a stark contrast to the rest of the release but it becomes the one moment when the artist’s ‘image’ is peeled back and the listener gains a musical connection to the individual.  Powerful stuff!

Aside from the disappointing “I Want To Party” (complete with irritating intro and forgettable lines like “…so many bums in here, I’m gonna touch one”) this is a strong release from the young MC with a great deal of variety on offer; from the skippy Dark E Freaker produced “Cherryade Special” (which sounds remarkably like another Freaker’s tracks, ‘Next Hype’) to the dark and dub-esque “I’m Famous”, the latter of which finds Kozzie dropping big bars over another Faze Miyake beat.  In addition, it was almost inevitable that the release would include one of the tracks that really thrust Kozzie into the limelight, the epic “Spartan Remix”, alongside Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer.

It is clear to see why Kozzie is held in such high regards as an important part of the future of grime. “The Problem’s Started” encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm that he has capitalised up on to build up such a buzz in such a relatively short space of time.  With only a select few collaborations, “The Problem’s Started” maintains focus on the artist’s undeniable talent and marks a perfect start to what will no doubt be a highly profitable future for Kozzie.

“The Problem’s Started” is out now on No Hats, No Hoods.  Hit up iTunes –


Logan Sama After Hours w Kozzie, Merky ACE & Drifter June 27th 2011

Logan Samas After Hours sets have been gathering pace in the recent weeks, having already seen GFam, Big Narstie and more all do their things this week saw the turn of three of the finest younger mcs in the game ‘Kozzie’ ‘Merky Ace’ and ‘Drifter’ to effortlessly duppy the set with some solid barring over some of the biggest instrumentals out at the moment.

GS Digital #AllAccess Killa P [Fresh Home Interview & Freestyle]

GS Digital aka Greenstarh Tv recently caught up with Roll Deeps Killa P for an interview for their new series ‘AllAccess’ and he Killa P even spoiled us with a quick little freestyle.

During the interview they touch on many subjects with all the right questions posed, touching on the potential of a Lord Of The Mics clash against Big H, as well as discussing Killa P’ recent prison sentence.

Throughout the interview Killa P comes across as someone very down to earth and someone who knows what he’s talking about and the freestyle is typical Killa P!!