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Merky Ace – Catch Up EP [Release Details & Info]

The last 2 years have seen a meteoric rise in the grime career of Family Trees Merky Ace that have seen his name pushed to the very forefront of the scene and on the tips of every grime fans tongue up and down the country, already boasting a healthy back catalogue of some 10 free download promos and mixtapes as well as the retail releases Blue Battlefield and Recycle Bin Merky is about to set the grime scene alight yet again with his forthcoming release ‘Catch Up EP’.

Boasting ten tracks that are sure to be full of Merkys violent-esque bars and catching rhyming schemes the Catch Up EP is sure to resonate Merkys name further, as with a lot of Merkys previous releases you can expect fellow Family Tree members to feature with MIK and Ego given the job of supporting as well as in house producers Splurt, The Killa Omen and Faze Miyake.

As well as the above named producers you can also expect to hear beats by the likes of Flava D, Sukh Knight, Relentless and Neon Beats on tracks such as War, 1 Spliff and You Think You Know Me.

There’s a reason why Merky Ace is so highly rated and the Catch Up EP is yet again going to showcase exactly why, if it’s 100% grime you’re after then this is a release for you, Catch Up EP lands digitally on the 12th december so make sure you get copping.


Eskimo Dance [The Return] News & Info

ESKIMO DANCE IS BACK, words that should bring a crescendo of cheers and simultaneous gun fingers being waved in the air from every grime fan in celebration as we rejoice in the news that one of the greatest events to ever happen in grime is to retur.

If you missed out on Eskimo Dance the first time around (younger grime fans wouldnt have had the chance) then Saturday, January 14th 2012 at Proud 2 is a night you just have to take in as Eskimo Dance finally makes it’s long awaited return and judging by the line-up already on offer it’s a night that cannot be missed.

For just £10 you get to see the likes of Wiley, Skepta, JME, Logan Sama, Ghetts, Little Dee, P.Money, Og’s, Flirta D, BBK, Scratchy, Slix, Roachee Marger, Lil Nasty, Kozzie and many more all being 100% confirmed to be performing on the night and that’s without the line-up for room 2 being announced.

This is simply a must for all grime fans so make sure you head down to proud on Jan 14th 2012 and grab a slice of history!!!

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Dj Smallz – Fix Of Mix # 1

Dj Smallz kicks off our new project ‘Fix Of Mix’ in fine style as he brings us a 36 minute mix of some of the finest grime instrumentals and vocals currently floating about in the scene including Lord Of The Hypes, Take Off Remix and the huge Everytime by Merky Ace, look out for Fix Of Mix # 2 coming soon.

1. Royal T – Orangeade Vip
2. Lioness – All Black Winterness
3. Spooky – Take Off Rmxx
4. Darqe E Freaker – Roar
5. Footsie – Back To 95 f1
6. Faze Miyake – A13
7. Flava D – On Point Remix
8. Royal T – Marmite
9. Kano – Crazy (Royal-T Remix) Feat. Scrufizzer
10. Faze miyake – Tom and jerry
11. Merky Ace – Bad Boys
12. Neon Beats – Attack
13. Blacks – Love Me
14. Skepta – Ufo
15. Discarda & Mik – lord of the hypes
16. Rude Kid – Spring
17. Dok – Windup
18. Flava D – Sickman
19. Alias – Clash
20. Darq E Freaker – Lock Off The rave

Download Here:

Young Kye – The Virgo Prelude [Free Mixtape Download]

After featuring heavily on mixtapes from the likes of Manga, Rival and Wiley in recent times Young Kye has now teamed up with Atum Records to bring us this free mixtape download titled ‘The Virgo Prelude’ which is a release full of remixes, freestyles and some very clever concepts.

The release also features his recent smash ‘I Kill It’ as well as remixes to hits from Tyga ‘Still Got It’ and Chipmunk ‘Every Gal’ with features from Manga, Lady Chann, Young Emz, Nafe Smallz and productions from 4th Side and ZDot also adding a nice touch.


1.Vitae Intro

2.Bate Freestyle

3.5 O’Clock [Hustlers Addiction]

4.Domestic Violence

5.Pot of Gold Remix ft Nafe Smallz

6.I Kill It ft Manga

7.Still Got It

8.Every Gyal Freestyle ft Lady Chann & Young Emz

9.Paranormal Activity Remix

10.Dreams Money Can Kill


12.Love Me For Me

13.Exitus Mortis

14.My Name Is ft Nafe Smallz


Dot Rotten Supporting J Cole Tour [Coleworld]

The recent output of Dot Rotten music has’nt been the grimiest by any stretch of the imagination but it would seem the new path Dot has decided to take in music is paying massive dividends as he was given the honour of warming up the crowd for headline act J.Cole on the ColeWorld tour that will take in venues all over England.

Judging by the outburst from Dot it would appear that his performance went down like a lead balloon…check the footage below.

MOG Reviews Rival – Lord Rivz

‘Lord Rivz’ has been out for a short while now, so it’s a good time to give it a look and listen into the current life and sounds of the MC Rival. The release is ten songs in length and from start to finish it is nothing but grime, with no sound at all being compromised. So, how did it fare…?

Well, ‘Lord Rivz’ begins with an intro, which is a pretty standard format of releases, however unlike some, Rival decides to actually rap in his intro – instead of talking. As a fan of music, this is nice to hear as it’s always a bit odd hearing rappers talk for a few minutes, instead of doing what they do best. Instead, Rival jumps straight into it with no punches held as he bombards listeners with punch lines, flows and some interesting concepts. Essentially this sums up Rival, which is probably why it’s used for the intro and as ever, it’s a solid track.

Second up is ‘They said’ which is a reflecting song on the past. Rival looks back at the good old days of raving and the origins of grime, garage and the general MC culture. It’s a good idea and Rival kind of gives his two fingers to ex-haters from way back, who claimed he wouldn’t make it and claimed that he was too violent. Its interesting concepts like this which aren’t around too much on releases, so it’s good to hear and fans will be pleased as the high quality of grimy production continues.

The interesting themes continue with ‘Plan A’ – a song which features a spot for Lioness, and bizarrely…Logan Sama. Like ‘They said’, this is a concept tune and Logan’s role is of narrator – similar to that of JME’s ‘Power’ song with Tim Westwood providing commentary. Anyway, at its core, ‘Plan A’ is based around a honey trap plot to steal a victims money as Rival plays the mastermind and thief, whilst Lioness is the charmer. What makes it work is the link-up style of rapping, where each MC interrupts one and other after a few lines – making it almost conversation like. It’s a cool story and has a nice twist to the plot. As mentioned, ‘Lord Rivz’ is so far packed with fresh ideas and styles – so ‘Plan A’ doesn’t change anything in that respect!

Song four is ‘Heartache’ which is one of the less unique tracks. As the title suggests, this one is based around a broken heart, due to being fooled and cheated on by an ex. Rival carries off the generic subject quite well, but what lifts the song is the production. Here the sample of ‘When you were young’ by the Killers is used and more specifically the line “You sit there in your heartache” is used for the chorus, alongside a kind of auto-tune singing from Rival which actually sounds more than decent. Alongside the grimy drums and bass it’s a real contender for the best instrumental so far – which is saying quite a lot.

‘Just a dream’ is next which features Dot Rotten’s singing on the hook. Immediately this means the song will be catchy, but it is the socially conscious lyricism which will captivate fans, as Rival questions his very existence and reality, whilst also reminiscing on his tough street life. It’s certainly not a hype track and Dot carries over these tense themes into his verse – as he too analyses the life of a grime MC. Like most of ‘Lord Rivz’, the idea here is not to focus on hype – and instead a more intellectual route is taken.

Similar street-level thoughts are developed with ‘Talk that’ which upon reflection is probably the best song on the release, as Rival explains his situation and justifies his hype talk as he describes his grimy surroundings. Perhaps the most insightful lyric of the track and for the general release for that matter is “We need this money to live, eat and see more days. Education ain’t an option, not when we’re shotting that green or yay. Making that money off a fiend all day”. Its lines like this which will ultimately define Rival – and he proves he’s not just a hype MC. As touched upon, it’s a release about thoughts, themes and ideas, so ‘Talk that’ sits nicely within it all.

As the release continues, Rival uses to ‘Rivals rush’ to vent a little – and here we see the more aggressive side to the man. This time he goes in on twitter posters, industry enemies, and claims he’s better than MC’s who are ahead of him. What is probably his best feature here is the flow – which at times goes into beast mode and sounds crazy. As Rival would sum it up himself, the term “Head shot season” would be best to sum this song up – as Rival clearly doesn’t hold back.

The following three songs both have features, which begin with Sharky Major and Young Kye. Here, ‘Three steps’ explains the core rules to being a top MC: flow, delivery and content which ironically all appear on this release throughout. Here Sharky brings probably the most hype verse of the release as you can almost feel the anger through the speakers! Grime fans will love this as it sounds straight out of a clash too! Young Kye brings a rap style, which is much calmer – yet is eerily contradicted by his gangsta lyrics. As for Rival? The term “Head shot season” pops up again, as he explains the art of lyrically murdering a track. The next song, ‘Don’t follow fashion’ features Manga – who also provides a great, rapped chorus by the way. This song is based on being an individual in all walks of life.

The ending song, ‘Save me’ ends on quite a haunting note, as Rivals insights return and this time he is joined by Ghetts. Here Rival claims he’s his own worst victim, which is a brutally honest way of looking at his problems in life. Ghetts provides similar stuff, and his new rap flow is used, as he too reflects on his tough street life. Whatever you say about Ghetts – his mic presence is always felt, as he confesses to thoughts of suicide and death. It’s the grimmest track of the release, and also it’s one of the best. On this note, ‘Lord Rivz’ ends, which can generally be described as an emotional, reflective view on life by Rival and others.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for the same Rival that’s on the ‘Rival vs Nytz’ then here he can rarely be found. It isn’t that ‘Rival vs Nytz’ is a poor release by any means, instead this time Rival chooses a different route, opting for a more pensive, reflective approach on past life experiences. Generally Rival sounds more mature, but at times the wild antics return – which is also nice every now and then. It’s good to see Rival has various layers as an MC which is clearly shown here, and combined with consistently good production – from the likes of G.Tank it all sits very well. Overall, ‘Lord Rivz’ is more than solid, and proves that grime can have a number of ideas flowing through it whilst still delivering an element of hype and energy.

Best song: Talk That

Best Line: “We need this money to live, eat and see more days. Education ain’t an option, not when we’re shotting that green or yay. Making that money off a fiend all day”.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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Physicals From:



Dj Whitecoat Interviews Dj Spooky Bizzle

Deja Vu Fm Dj, Dj Whitecoat recently caught up with Dj Spooky fresh from winning two awards at the Grimeforum grime awards for best instrumental and best instrumental release for the massive anthem ‘Spartan’  where they spoke on many subjects including Spookys rise to fame, his releases to date, working on DeJa Vu and what is it really like to work alongside D Power!

Listen Below.