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Villain (So Bow) – Chuckys Funeral

Despite destroying him (and I dont use that term loosely) on the recent Whos Da Boss clash So Bows Villain decides that isnt enough as he drops the video to the dub ‘Chuckys Funeral’ the casket is closed on this episode.



Jaykae Replies To Bomma B

Ever since Lord Of The Mics landed war has been in the air, never more so than in the Midlands area where some of their finest have been going back on forth on twitter, dropping dubs and calling each other out to clash on the forthcoming Who’s Da Boss dvd.

Having already seen stablemate Sox reply to Trillas dub Jaykae decides the time is right to let Bomma B know what he’s all about as he replies to a send from Bomma and although he isnt my favourite mc Jaykae goes in, the bars are both on-point and cutting and Jaykaes natural aggresion shines through throughout, Jaykae took it for me….but what’s your thoughts? Listen below.



Sox Calls Out Trilla For Who’s Da Boss

We were wondering what the ramifications would be after Trilla dropped a dub for Devilman and Sox over the weekend and we did’nt have to wait long for Sox to reply and set the record straight as he drops an almost immediate reply where he calls Trilla out for a clash on Who’s Da Boss.