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Villain (So Bow) – Chuckys Funeral

Despite destroying him (and I dont use that term loosely) on the recent Whos Da Boss clash So Bows Villain decides that isnt enough as he drops the video to the dub ‘Chuckys Funeral’ the casket is closed on this episode.



Villain – Showerdown Feeestyle

SoBow member and highly rated mc Villain is the latest in a long line of mcs to drop a Showerdown Freestyle and he goes in in in, dropping some vicious bars over a quality production is what Villain is all about and here he does to perfection, watch and listen below and remember Villains – Recommend Me is out for free download, just type ‘Villain’ into the search bar.


Villain Freestyle For Maintenance Media

After bringing you a freestyle from the veteran Jamakabi last week Maintenance Media have been at it again this time catching up with one of the most talented youngsters in grime ‘Villain’ from the So Bow crew for a brand new freestyle where he drops some sick bars!!

Remember Villains Mixtape Recommend me is out for free download now!



Villain – Recommend Me [Free Exclusive Download]


Title: Recommend Me

Release Date: 29th January 2012

Available from:

Label: M.O.G. Recordings

No matter how exciting it may be for new cities – or even countries – to pick up on the sound, it’s nothing like hearing Grime being performed by a promising up-and-comer from the same area as Dizzee, Wiley and Tinchy Stryder.

Here to take on that legacy is Villain, an MC from the So Bow collective who earned a name as a young lyrical wonder within Mucky Wolfpack. Over the past year, he’s impressed industry heads at a number of reputable open mic events in his area, but he’s now ready to unveil a mixtape’s worth of material with M.O.G. Recordings; presentinghis capabilities in the booth. Entitled “Recommend Me”, Villain makes his solo debut with 12 tracks of relentless music.

Making it clear that he’s been brought up to appreciate the skippy end of the rhyming spectrum, the majority of the mixtape features Villain riled up into a lyrical frenzy. To those who’ve witnessed the damage he inflicts on Deja Vu FM sets, the sprawl of track selected for “Recommend Me” reflect his destructive presence behind the microphone. As he does so, Grime smashes like “Let Me Go”, “Big Mikee” and “Don’t Export That” as produced as  demonstrations of his writing ability.

Joined by the likes of Realz, Jay Willz and Jammin on the mixtape, Villain makes it a mission to present what makes him stand out as an MC, using both a combination of beats which Grime and Hip Hop fans will be very familiar with and refreshing new instrumentals. He might have some of his tracks complimented by the guests who join him, but the primary mission is to allow him to break out amongst a whole new generation of spitters. “Recommend Me” does so with ease, so it’s about time people did as is instructed in the title.

Grime will recognise the unmissable talent of Villain when “Recommend Me” drops on 29th January 2012.

1.When Im Ere
2.Dont Export That
3.Charlie ft Jammin & Blaze
4.Block Party
5.Mucky Wolfpack Reunion ft Realz[Spartan Remix]
6.Rhyme On The Music
7.Why Do You Think You’re Nang
8.Killin Em
9.Hello Good Morning ft Merker and Kay Willz
10.Big Mike
11.You’re Not Ready
12.Let Me Go



Villain Set To Drop ‘Recommend Me’

December just keeps giving and giving, with releases such as Merky Ace – Catch Up, MIK – Flushing Mcs and of course the Lord Of The Mics 3 dvd and cd all landing in time to end our years with a bang there is now reason to celebrate further as former Mucky Wolfpack mc and now part of the So Bow collective ‘Villain’ is all set to drop his long awaited mixtape ‘Recommend Me’.

The CD will feature ALL yes all of Villains tracks to date and is scheduled to be released on New Years Eve so we can all bring in 2012 in style!!!

Look out for this one landing soon and much more info on MindOfGrime in the forthcoming days.

Villain, Blaze & Jammin – Charlie (Tupac Back)

After bringing you Dollers verion of Tupac Back earlier I found myself quickly directed to yet another version this time by former Mucky Wolfpack’s finest Villain alongside Nationalities Blaze & Jammin which they have titled ‘Charlie’

Im not a fan of the original or grime mcs going in over bait hip hop beats but there’s something about this version that im really feeling, it may be hip hop but it has a grimy feel which each mc bringing their a game to the table and laying down some sick verses.

One of the better versions i’ve heard to date, listen below.

Villain (Ft Realz) Interview With Jams Media

Jams Media recently caught up with former Mucky Wolfpack member and one of my personal favourite mcs Villain for an interview where they discussed his music so far, LOTM3 and much much more, Villain had a lot to say so catch the interview below to find out exactly what!