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Logan Samas After hours With Trilla, C4 and Jme

This weeks Afterhours set which are bought to use weekly by KissFm Dj Logan Sama sees three mcs currently being talked about from all corners come together to GO IN, Trilla, C4 and Boy Better Knows legend JME are the mcs in question..check it below.



Trilla – Plenty More [Radio Rip]

Trilla takes some time out from sending for Sox to pass through Logan Samas Kissfm show where he dropped his new track ‘Plenty More’ listen below.



Sox – Wha Gwarn Trilla [Trilla Reply]

The Trilla versus Sox saga continues as Sox late last night Sox dropped his reply to Trillas recent dub ’96 Bars Of Real Talk’ which he has titled ‘Wha Gwarn Trilla’, although according to Jammer this isnt Sox’ actual reply and is more of a dubplate for Djs.

Im not really a fan of this, the whole dub seems to focus on discrediting Trilla as a yardie and Sox throws in some old bars, although he delivers them perfectly. As far as dubs go this could have been a bit more personal and a bit more factual…Trilla is shading it for me, check below.




Trilla – 96 Bars Of Real Talk [Sox Reply]

It’s all kicking off in the Midlands, after sending for both Devilman and Sox on a recent freestyle where he accused Sox of biting his flow which led to Sox replying to set the record straight Trilla decides it’s time he had more of a say with this reply to Sox which he has titled ’96 Bars Of Real Talk’ where he shares his opinions of Sox and drops some very sick bars in the process over the Preditah produced Circles VIP instrumental.



Sox Calls Out Trilla For Who’s Da Boss

We were wondering what the ramifications would be after Trilla dropped a dub for Devilman and Sox over the weekend and we did’nt have to wait long for Sox to reply and set the record straight as he drops an almost immediate reply where he calls Trilla out for a clash on Who’s Da Boss.


Trilla War Dub Sends For Sox & Devilman

It would seem that Trilla for whatever reason has taken offence to the hype surrounding Sox’ name of late, accusing him of biting his flow and indulging in yet another back on forth on twitter, all this has lead to a bitter war of words and a dub on Dj Mikes show from Trilla aimed in the direction of Devilman and Sox and he goes in, we have already heard a reply from Sox but the video has now been removed (mysteriously?) from youtube so we await the ramifications of this with baited breath…..Listen Below!

Thomas Mellor – Compilation Cd [Free Download]

Wolverhampton based producer Thomas Mellor is multi-talented producer on the very up with the ability to change his hand to many different genres, whether is be electro or just pure grime he can do it and this free cd he gives away today proves testament to that.

Featuring eleven tracks all produced by Thomas and featuring the likes of Dapz On The Map, Skepta, Sox, Trilla, Krept and Konan and many more this is a compilation cd that acts as the perfect introduction to a young producer who will soon be making huge waves amongst the uk music scene.