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Depz Responds To Don Dynos Recent Sends

Having taken offence to two recent dubs dropped by Str8 Gz member Don Dyno Inavsions Depz decides it’s time to respond and have a say of his own as he drops this reply for Don Dyno and also talks of the situation with T-Kid for P11O Media.



Don Dyno & Chucky (STR8 Gz) – Body Bag Season #2

We bought you a video of Don Dyno sending for Invasion just a few days back and now he’s at it again only this time he’s bought Chucky along for the ride, check it out below.


Don Dyno Sends For Invasion

The war in the Midlands is erupting with many mcs going toe to toe in lyrical combat and further proof of this is the brand new send for the Invasion Crew from Don Dyno, although to be fair he mainly sends for Sox and Jaykae.

It’s a pretty good send if im going to be honest, but Don, you arent allowed to send for Vader!!!